SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter 780mm Wingspan EPO FPV Fly Wing Airplane Review by @RCMOMENT (Coupon Inside)


As Skyhunter FPV gains more and more traction, there are now more equipment options for getting started than ever before. Some are great, some, not so much. What I have noticed about the smaller scale FPV plane offerings is that they usually have unbearably short flight times.Today we are introducing SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter Fly Wing, lets some talk about it.

Design & Build

The microSD slot.As for 99% of Nanos, we have a 1.25mm mini JST connector to power the 951C. here no polarity inversion so be sure to not mix the provided LiPo with some other nano’s model.The microSD card is visible via the battery bay.Wingspan: 780mm(30.7″)and Length: 540mm(21.26″)the size of the wing about 8.1dm2 and load load: 59g/dm2.


A 3.2V-5V,500mA 1S cell LiPo with 1.25mm mini JST connector. No discharge rate mentioned.Approximatively 30min to charge with the USB charger (measured the voltage to 4.21V). When charging, you can read a red solid led on the charger. When the LiPo is fully charged, the LED is turned off.BTW the recommended battery is 11.1V 1300mAh (not included).


A mount lens with a very narrow FOV (around 60-70 degrees). The camera chip encodes video in VGA resolution (600TVL) officially @30fps.Viewing angel of the camera sensor is 120°viewing angle.


STABLE & SMOOTH FLIGHT: Soar through the sky with the  SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter that features 4 motors and rotor blades to achieve maximum speed while ensuring stable and smooth flight, BUILT-IN CAMERA: This 6-axis RC Gyro is equipped with recording camera (resolution 640 x 480) to take pictures and to transmit a live-feed video to the transmitter, allowing you to upload the footage onto your computer and watch it later, SMARTPHONE CONTROL: The Drone App allows for two different way of commanding the drone through iOS and Android smartphones. Control Mode turns your smartphone into a wireless remote control while G-Sensor Mode commands the drone to follow the movement of your smartphone, 2.4 GHz REMOTE TRANSMITTER: The drone can also be controlled using the included remote that features innovative 2.4 Ghz remote transmission technology which guarantees smooth flight without signal interference, AEROBATIC FLIGHT: The mini quadcopter features Rotation Mode to give you the spectacular display of 120° rotations in various directions, while “One Key” Modes allow beginners to operate with ease.


The SONICMODELL announced to be sold around 100USD is good nano without big weak points. Ok, the camera module is really limited with simple VGA records but the SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter has at least three main qualities: removable LiPo, strong motors, and good flight duration. The control range is also very acceptable and more this nano can handle moderate breeze for outdoors flights.All that being said the SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter probably works about as well as all of these small Nano Skyhunter.If you are interested to purchase SONICMODELL Nano Skyhunter available at RCMOMENT in just $77.79 with using our discount coupon SKY780 (Use a coupon code and 120 points to enjoy the price).


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