Sony Is Developing a 5G Phone Which Is Expected to be Announced Soon


Now one of the hottest topics in the communications industry should be 5G, and 5G networks are being built everywhere. The Chinese Smartphone manufacturers have also announced their own 5G models in the past 2 days, and even the release date has a rough range. Similarly, as part of the business that Sony never gives up, Sony phones will not let go of this trend.

Today, Japanese media found that Sony released the kernel source code of J801055.0.B.0.473. According to the readme file, Xperia J8910 codenamed “Horus” and Xperia J8010 codenamed “Sphinx” are equipped with Snapdragon 855 with Snapdragon X50 5G baseband, that will support 5G networks.

Since the battery capacity in the file is written as somc, initial-capacity-uah= <3329000>, the battery capacity of Sony’s 5G phone may be slightly higher than the 3200mAh of Xperia 1. In addition, the new phone is also equipped with the ADUX1020 photometric sensor that Xperia 1 does not have, which can improve the overall screen ratio and better reduce the border. In addition, Sony’s 5G phone screen will be Samsung FHD or 4K OLED.

Although no more detailed information is disclosed, kernel sources are usually only released about a week before the release date. If this time is not a mistake, then Sony’s 5G phone will be publicly available in the near future.

In addition to the 5G phone of Sony, many users may be more concerned about the next-gen flagship model of the brand. There are reports that Sony will launch the new Snapdragon 855 flagship with the Xperia 1 specification but the screen replacement for FHD+ at the IFA show in September. The new flagship price will also be cheaper than the Sony Xperia 1 and is expected to range between $600 and $700.

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