Sony Xperia Play 2 With SD 730G Is Expected to Come Out at the End of This Year


The new Sony Xperia, speaking of Chinese carriers, is also expected to be released as a new summer model Xperia 1. However, the 2019 edition of Xperia, such as “Xperia 2” and “Xperia 4” will be released later this year, “the rumor about the next Xperia, which may not be”, will continue. Meanwhile, information that Sony will release Xperia as a game smartphone this year has emerged this year. What was posted in the comment section of Gizmochina.

 At the beginning of the year, a person related to Sony had said that in 2019 there was a plan to release a gaming smartphone that was regarded as the successor to Xperia Play. And information obtained from the same person a few days ago said that this model is equipped with SDM730G.

By the way, Xperia Play is a model that was released about 8 years ago, still in the Sony Ericsson era. It has been rumored that this successor will be released several times more than before. Speaking of successors of Xperia Play, simply think of it as “Xperia Play 2“.

Speaking of smartphones for games, there are ROG Phone of ASUS and Black Shark of Xiaomi, etc. However, these models have an impression that there is a definite demand for one that is not a big hit.

On the other hand, all of these existing game smartphones are high-end, and their prices are very difficult to obtain. Under such circumstances, smartphones that are mid-range, affordable, and specialized in games may be unexpectedly required.

If it says so, the end of last year before Xperia 1, etc. is announced and it seems that there have been several postings of nuances that “Integration with the game” becomes one concept on ESATO over the end of this year on the end of this year I remember it.

However, in the Xperia 1 and Xperia 10 series, which were announced in February, there was nothing that hinted at such collaboration with Sony’s game department, and I thought that it was a shame after all. After all, it is only rumor-level information, but it’s kind of exciting information. It is not a “gamer” that requires a high-performance terminal, but the new midrange Xperia for game-loving general users seems to be attracting attention.

A few days ago Qualcomm officially announced 3 new midrange chipsets, Snapdragon 665, 730, and 730G, of which SDM 730G is considered to be a chip for the game that has clocked up the CPU speed of SDM 730. The Snapdragon 730G is the top performer in the midrange, with more than 30% better performance than the existing SDM 710, and is compatible with high-end chips.

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