Sony’s 2 New Flagships Profile Exposure: Snapdragon 845 + Dual Camera


From the Georgia website vortex according to their exclusive access to Sony’s flagship new mobile design draft, and the production of a new renderings point of view, Sony will have 2 flagship products introduced next year. The common feature is to have a very narrow border, And in the case of retaining the front dual speakers, provides a higher screen share.

However, the 2 Sony’s new flagship in the shape and body material there is a big difference, one is still the past tough style, looks like a mirror glass body, and a profile tends to be rounded, it is possible It is made of metal.

Although these both flagships Sony are dual camera design, in terms of styling and layout are quite different, a relatively close look at the iPhone 7, the right placed a flashlight shape, while the other is more exaggerated points Collected in the left and right sides of the flash, it seems to give people the feeling of emoticons.

In addition, the suspected Sony flagship also uses a circular rear fingerprint unlock design, and the other is allegedly adopted a screen unlock technology fingerprint. It will be equipped with the 4K display and Snapdragon 845 processor. The camera’s specifications are unknown and maybe it will support IP65 / 68 waterproof Features, pre-installed Android 8.0 system, with support for USB-C interface, and a dual SIM card to be released, as with the battery capacity is 3420 mAh.

However, the configuration of another flagship model did not disclose more content. Prior to this, there was news that Sony will launch next year’s these flagships.

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Some regrettably, we now know the official names of the two new Sony flagship titles, but with the help of the ultra-narrow bezel design, about 80% of the screen’s screen size should not be ran. At the same time, Satoshi Mekata, director sales at Sony, seems to confirm that Sony did have a very expensive flagship launch. According to foreign reporters, the price of the phone will be as high as 6280 yuan, about 950 dollars.

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