SOOCAS X1 Sonic Electrical Toothbrush Design, Features Review (Coupon+Promo)


Today we offer you an indispensable product for your personal hygiene. This is the excellent SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush. Gearbest has Special Promotion on this SOOCAS X1 electric toothbrush for a limited time. we can buy at $29.99 with use this Coupon Code: SOOCAS X1. Toothbrush SOOCAS  X1 has up to 3 cleaning modes. Thanks to its integrated 700 mAh battery, it lasts approximately 18 days of use per charge. Also included is a stand/dock station for charging a toothbrush.


SOOCAS X1 Electric ToothBrush has a simple, unremarkable design. Of course, only high-quality materials are used in production. The device is responding to a magnetic sound wave engine with a left-sided wave at a speed of rotation up to 37,200 times per minute, which rotates the bristles. Due to this, the cleaning efficiency compared to a conventional toothbrush is higher at times. The thin soft toothbrush has a three-dimensional design and a bristle thickness of just 0.155 mm, Soocas X1 Electric ToothBrush is not afraid of water and it can be washed under a flowing stream because there is protection under the standard IPX7.


The SOOCAS X1 is a high-tech, innovative toothbrush design that offers exceptional dental care. Equipped with three cleaning modes: Clean / Whiten / Sensitive, the SOOCAS X1 creates a full dental cleaning experience for all aspects of your oral hygiene. Using WiFi, the device seamlessly connects to its dedicated app, which features brushing data and creates a unique brush setting tailored to you. Get a superior clean with the Soocas X1 Electric Toothbrush. It seamlessly connects with the dedicated App to provide yours with customized setting and data about brushing. Built-in 700mAh battery can last about 18 days. Powerful maglev sonic motor Delivers over 37,200 brush strokes per minute. Low noise to create a quiet environment for you and your family. Connect to App via Bluetooth In addition to the 3 working modes, you can use the App to customize your own brushing mode, strength and time. Dupont bristle The brush head uses the American Dupont Tynex Classic 0.152mm soft bristle and was certified by the FAD. Wireless charging One charge of the toothbrush lasts for 18 days of brushing. IPX7 waterproof The whole body of the toothbrush is washable. Fine workmanship Smooth and comfortable tactile feel.


The SOOCAS X1 toothbrush uses a very efficient magnetic levitation technology with 37200 vibrations per minute to offer deep and complete cleaning. The presence of 3 different brushing options ensures maximum comfort according to the user’s needs. The 700mAh battery allows 72 minutes to be used without charge. You can buy it from Gearbest at $29.99 with use this Coupon Code: SOOCASX1 in Promotion for the limited time, limited pcs, Hurry Up!


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