SOOCOO C50 Sony IMX078 5.2 Inch TFT 4K Sports Action Camera Review by @GEEKBUYING (Coupon Inside)


C50 is a WiFi Action Camera made by Chinese company SooCoo. It can record videos in full HD 4K, 1080p 30 fps and take photos at 8 megapixels. Additionally, it comes with lots of useful gears and features that make it a an average under 100$ camera.


The first thing that you want to notice about the camera is that it does not tend to have too much resemblance with other action cams. Unique design and shape is something that you have to respect. While most others try to copy GoPro, these guys tend to be different.SooCoo is serious about packing as well. The camera comes in sturdy cardboard box. But that’s not all. Camera and all the accessories are then packed in the firm, protective bag. All the parts are wrapped up in the zip-lock bags.

What’s in the box?

SooCoo C50 comes with lots of stuff inside. Here is what you get inside the retail box :

1 X Soocoo S20W Action Camera
1 X Bicycle Bracket
1 X Helm Seat
1 X Bandages
1 X USB Cable
1 X Cleaning Cloth
1 X Adapter Bracket
1 X Pedestal
1 X User Manual


RC bracket, or watch as the manufacturer calls it allows you to control your action camera remotely. You can not do any complex operations with the remote-control bracelet, but it’s not like you would want to change resolutions while you are riding a motorbike or diving.With it, you can start/stop recording videos or take photos and switch between photo and video mode.One thing you like the SooCoo C50 RC bracelet is that it is water-proof.Good thing is that this watch does not use WiFi, which means your battery will last much longer.


While SooCoo C50 outranks huge portion of low budget action cameras when it comes to accessories and usability, video recording is not as good as I expected. Do not get me wrong, a camera can record full HD videos that are quite sharp.Even when recording close up and distant objects, the camera performs quite well in terms of sharpness.Video color, on the other hand, is quite cold and does not look as natural as it should, especially if you using Auto White Balance option.You can, of course, have an influence on video warmness by switching through different white balance. It will take a while until you figure out which option works best for your environment and weather condition.When you zoom in the image, depending on the weather, some of your photos might look bleached out, or colorless. For better color quality, you will need to set proper white balance inside the settings. Even though inside the settings you can set up 12mp your image quality will not increase. The only thing that will increase is the size file.SooCoo C50 has 4x digital zoom. You can zoom in or out by holding navigation arrows (up to zoom in, down zoom out). Here is a sample image of a zoomed tree. This is what you can expect from digital zoom. In case you do not know, there is a huge difference between optical and digital zoom.Digital zoom only crops a photo, reducing its quality. The same effect you get when you crop the image in Photoshop or any other photo editing software.

Image resolutions:

12M 4032  x  3024
8M 3264  x  2448
5M 2592  x  1944


A sequence is a quite confusing name for what this option does. Basically when a sequence is turned on, and you are in the image mode, the camera will take 3 images instead of a single one. This is a very nice feature for sports photography and fast moving objects. However, you should really like to see more options, like 5 or 7 photos per second.




Inside sharpness option you can choose from 3 different setups :


White Balance

Changing white balance can have a significant boost to your video. SooCoo C50 has 6 types of white balance options :


different settings give different color balance in your pictures or video making them look cooler or warmer. Even though auto mode seems like a reasonable option for people who are just starting out, in my experience auto WB is pretty poor.


When you adjust ISO setting, you’re changing your camera’s sensitivity to light. ISO settings that SooCoo C50 offers are :



A camera can be charged via USB cable when plugged into your PC USB port or via the AC charger in the wall. Great thing is that you get the AC adapter.Approximate 1050mah lithium battery life is around 2 hours of continuous shooting in 1080p 30 fps mode, and 4K is around 45 Minutes.


2.0 inches high-definition screen, 170 degrees super wide-angle fisheye, 6 layers of a glass lens, make your photos sharper, clearer and less distorted, DURABLE and WATERPROOF CASE: If you are a fan of water sports, this action camera is just what you need. The waterproof case keeps the water away from the camera. All buttons can be operated underwater. You can easily take it snorkeling, BUILT- IN WIFI: Just download our App on your phone or tablet and connect with your C50 Sports Action Camera. Then conveniently operate or review your images or videos via your Android or iOS device! WiFi signal ranges up to 49ft/15 meters.


While it’s not a perfect action camera, SooCoo C50 has lots of features to offer for a very cheap price.In my opinion, this is a good camera for people who do not want to invest action camera gear, since it comes with nearly everything you’ll need. Because of its waterproofs, divers will be happy with having a camera that does need an additional case.SooCoo C50 is a great camera if you are just starting out, or if you want to give this to someone as a present. It is great to present to younger users, SOOCOO C50 4K Action Camera Available at GEEKBUYING in just $98.99 but GEEKBUYING is Also Think for his some Spacial Customers so that’s why they give us to a Coupon Code: SOOCOOC50, than you use this coupon code the price will down at $78.99 and you will save your $20.00.


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