SOUNDPEATS TruePods Hands-on Review


Its time for a hands on review and this time we have got the SOUNDPEATS TruePods, a set of wireless earbuds. Thanks to the guys at SoundPeats for sending me a free pair for the review. After a week of use, here are my thoughts on them:


TruePods come in black with a glossy finish whereas the charging/carrying features a mat finish to it. They look rich, minimalist and elegant however, are also prone to smudges. These earbuds have the L and R symbols engraved on the front which helps to quickly identify the sides. The box comes in  with a USB Type C charging cable and an extra pair of rubber cups which is nice to have in case you lose one.

Comfort-wise, the TruePods live up to its name. Even after prolonged use, they felt very comfortable in my ears. Also, I love how they perfectly fit into my ears and wouldn’t fall off even while doing exercise. The rubber pads are soft and doesn’t hurt my ears.


Although, I hardly read manuals for any electronic products before using them, I had to read this time as it was very hard for me to figure out the controls. I got frustrated at times and then I had to refer back and forth to the manual to figure out the controls. So, be wise and read the manual. In order to simplify things for you guys, here the most important controls and how to use them.

  1. Turn on – Press and hold the Multifunction button( the flat side ) for 1.5s.
  2. Turn off – Press and hold the MF button for 8s.
  3. Play/Pause – Double tap the MF button on right earbud.
  4. Play Next/ – Press and hold right MF button for 2s.
  5. Play Previous – Press and hold left MF button for 2s.
  6. Answer Phone Call – Double tap the MF button on right earbud.
  7. Activate Voice Assistant – Double the MF button on left earbud.


TruePods is enabled with Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for smooth and interruption-less connections. I have tested these earbuds with my phone, laptop and PC and it just works perfectly fine. Its easier to connect and remembers previously paired devices which means all you have to do is turn on Bluetooth on your device and it will connect  to it automatically. One cool thing I have noticed is that once you have connected these to your phone, it will show the battery percentage for these earbuds in the Bluetooth settings on your phone.


As I explained in the controls section of this review, read the manual first; it would be much easier that way. Now before you start using these earbuds , I would recommend charging them fully before your first use. Although they come charged halfway through from the factory but its better to charge them. The charging case and the earbuds come equipped with LED indicators. Here are some of the obvious and useful how-to for these earbuds:

  1. To charge the earbuds, place them in the charging case and close the lid. Once the indicators on the top of the case go red, it means the earbuds are getting charged.
  2. To charge the case, connect the charging cable to the USB C port on the back of the case. Green indicators on the front of the case indicate that its getting charged.
  3. To connect the earbuds to your phone, take them out from the charging case. Both the indicators will flash white at first. The left earbud will automatically connect to the right with left indicator going out. The earbuds will enter pairing mode with a voice prompt “Pairing”. Activate the Bluetooth on your device and find “SOUNDPEATS TruePods”, hit it to connect and you will see the right indicator go out with a voice prompt “Connected”. Once you have connected to a device, TruePods remember it and will connect automatically the next time.
  4. To factory reset the earbuds, place them in the case and press and hold the multifunction button for 10 seconds until white and red indicators flashes alternatively for 3 times.


I really enjoyed the sound quality of these TruePods. It lacks some punch in the bass section but the audio sounds clear and on par with earbuds for this price range. At the beginning when I tried them on, the audio felt quiet even when maxed out but turns out all I had to do was to reset the earbuds and voila, the sound was much louder and met my expectations. So if anyone out there is facing this issue, try resetting them. The microphone sounds clean and is suitable for everyday phone calls. After testing it over Whatsapp and Skype with my friends, they mentioned the microphone on the TruePods sounded better than the one on the phone. Although, the noise cancellation feature does an okay job at cancelling the background noise, it ensures my voice is loud enough over the surrounding noise.

The battery life on TruePods is pretty decent. It provides 4 hours of playback time and the charging case is capable of fully charging the earbuds for 4 times which combines to a total of 20 hours. Plus, the type C port enables quicker charging for the case.

As a verdict, I would give TruePods a solid 9/10. Its elegant design combined with outstanding sound quality and and an affordable price point provides an upper edge over its competition while also compensating for its lack of bass and complicated controls. If you are interested in buying the SoundPeats TruePods click here which are available for 42.99$ at Amazon.


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