STARESSO Review – Mini Portable Espresso Maker at $52.50 From TikTech.COM (Coupon)


Make a barista-worthy espresso in seconds wherever you go with this powerful mini coffee machine. STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker outshines its competitors in smaller sizes, superior flavor, safer material, wider application, and more possibilities. STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker can give you the rich espresso taste with a thick layer of crema just like the ones you can get from a real Italian cafe.


STARESSO MINI is the world’s smallest portable coffee maker, weighs 0.7lb(300g). And is the size of a 6in(15.2cm) cube, yet it has a 3.7fl oz(110ml) capacity which is much larger than most hand-operated units. Thanks to its ingeniously transformable design. It comes with a convenient carrying case for easy, protective storage of it when you hit the road. With STARESSO MINI, great espresso is always right at your fingertips. Saving you time and money when you are on the go. This Portable Espresso Machine is the perfect companion for travel. With the access of hot water, you can enjoy real tasty hand espresso at home & office or during hiking, camping, and traveling. STARESSO Portable Coffee Maker is made of BPA-free material with the highest standard. The pressure pump and the coffee chamber are made of high-quality stainless steel.

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It comes with a user manual that is easy to understand and a special coffee spoon to get the accurate amount of coffee to brew the best espresso around. This is a unique portable coffee maker that doesn’t even require you to use any kind of electricity to produce the perfect cup of espresso. You can brew your own coffee easily and manually with this portable espresso maker! Note: please stop pumping and check if the bottom cap is stocked when you find it hard to pump. The ultra-high pressure of STARESSO MINI is also necessary to compensate for the high brewing temperature solely achievable by electric coffee makers, so you are able to extract coffee solubles with icy water, juice, soda and more, which unlocks limitless potential in DIY coffees in different flavors, aroma and complexity to your preference.


STARESSO Mini Portable Espresso Maker is an award-wining and handy portable espresso machine. The mini coffee maker is designed for the coffee lover on the go. Brew a perfect cup of Joe whether you’re at home, in the office, or during any outdoor activity. No electricity, no batteries needed! We can buy it from TikTech.COM at $52.50 by using a 15% off coupon code: asgjyktv in Flash Sale.


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