SteamDeck can copy installed games from your computer


In February, Valve released a beta update for SteamDeck that allows users to copy installed games from their PC to the console.

Today, V social push stable version update, officially released to all users this local online game transfer function.

According to the official introduction, the local online game transfer function allows users to copy existing Steam game titles and update files from one device to another via LAN, which can reduce traffic consumption and speed up installation or update.

Specifically, if you have a game installed on a PC in the same LAN, you can use this feature to transfer the game to another PC or SteamDeck without having to download it again.

Meanwhile, according to official data, theoretical speeds can easily reach 100MB/s, which is faster than most users’ Internet download speeds.

However, higher transfer speeds put a load on both disk and CPU, so it is best not to run performance-intensive tasks during transfer.


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