Super Flash Charging? Exposed the Charger Secret of DOOGEE BL9000


The news about the launch of the new DOOGEE BL9000 phone has positively surprised many users, as it is a battery- powered device with a large capacity that carries the “Super Flash” charging function that includes the latest cutting-edge technology of the brand. On this occasion, we focus on some details of its operation.

DOOGEE BL9000 is a high-end phone that works with a Lithium-Ion battery of 9000mAh capacity, which is enough for several days of autonomy even with continuous use. As if that were not enough, its support for MediaTek fast charging system allows the input of 5V-5A power so that the waiting times are significantly reduced.

Pump Express 4.0

Pump Express 4.0 is MediaTek’s latest advanced charging innovation, being able to save battery recharge time by more than half compared to a standard charger. Specifically for this occasion, the input of 5 amperes of current to 5 volts of voltage has been achieved. This condition of energy charge translates into a 67% higher speed compared to the technology of the QC 2.0 competition.

On the other hand, it has been proven that this new DOOGEE BL9000 returns the battery life to 100% in just 70 minutes of charging , so combined with a total of 768 hours of waiting time when the phone is not used, It is feasible to forget to recharge the mobile for a long time and wait very little when it comes to taking it to the top of its autonomy.

New USB- Type C Port

In addition to the use of Pump Express 4.0 charging technology, a quality USB adapter is also essential to ensure that the transfer speed is optimal and safe for the device. Following the current standards, the DOOGEE BL9000 is equipped with a high integration C-type USB-PD controller with embedded ARM M0 MCU.

Without going into too many technical details that overwhelm, the charging ports have four integrated circuits, one installed in the adapter, one in the PCBA and two in the USB interfaces. These four ICs work together to regulate both voltage and current, providing high efficiency and transmission security when recharging the phone.

However, a cable of poor quality can reduce the performance of the fast charging system, so DOOGEE BL9000 this time adopts a large load line, which allows the entry of 5 amps of energy in a safe way, decreasing the heating of the battery and the charger in the process.


With these details on the brand new DOOGEE BL9000 and all the other “Premium” specifications that accompany its excellent battery, there is not much to think about at the time of its acquisition. This device is available to the public from the end of this month, so it is recommended to be aware of the official website to receive the latest news on time.

Currently, from May 28 to June 4, 10 Pieces of DOOGEE BL9000 is available on Banggood in $124.99. After this limited time offer, the price will back to the normal price at $249.99.


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