SYMA X19W 2-in-1 RC Car / Quadcopter Design, Features, Battery Review


The sharp-looking SYMA X19W 2-in-1 RC vehicle gives you the freedom of flying in the sky and running on the ground. Controlled by transmitter and smartphone, X19W features a variety of functions, impact-resistant ABS body shell, reinforced engineering nylon propeller and various protections, which makes it an ideal choice for beginners. Like the Syma X5UW, this X19W car drone also comes with new redesigned transmitter.


it has built with good plastic and a very sustainable hard propellers, couple of times during the flight, the good thing is the propellers never even had a scratch. Another important design factor is that, the motors are fully protected, this would be an added advantage to overcome the accumulation of the dust, as SYMA X19W has the ability to drive. the wheels, made of plastic and covered with non elastic black foam. The foam would definitely wear out if you drive much on rigid and hard surface. Evidently SYMA X19 is a RWD (rear Wheel Drive), the rear motors help spin the wheels which helps drive the car, while the front wheels help in steering the direction. The size of the aircraft is about 30.00 x 30.00 x 6.50 cm, I don’t know why but I expected to be bigger.


The SYMA X19 car-drone can be controlled in 3 ways (psychical RC, virtual sticks and through the smartphone’s gravity sensor). Although the gravity control sounds fun, I recommend for newbies to practice firstly using the included transmitter. Like the Syma X5UW, this X19W car drone also comes with new redesigned transmitter. Although it does not have a status LCD or trimming buttons, the RC looks more stylish and more user friendly. Syma X19W RC buttons. Through the Syma GO APP you will be able to display the WiFi camera’s real-time image feed on your mobile device (smartphone or table). The features like one key automatic take off -landing, headless mode, altitude hold and 6-Axis Gyro system are default features of today drones, Syma, for the first time is highlighting the fact that, X19W comes with independent ESC’s. If the quadcopter encounters any obstacles and the blades are not rotating for any reason, the drone automatically enters into the over-current protection mode, making esc’s and motors not to burn and fail. Syma X19W has 1.0 megapixel integrated camera ( by using micro SD card ); 0.3MP ( by using mobile phone ) Syma X19W is redesigned with 720P Video camera.


Powered by a 850mAh battery, the advertised air voyage autonomy of the Syma X19W quadcopter is fro 7 minutes. Compared to its ancestor, the Syma X19W has a much nicer draw up and it comes with all the latest features like altitude seize and headless flight set-up. Without any conversion, this car-drone can fly like any other multi-rotor but also run on the turnpike like a RC car. In my viewpoint on the ground (car wise) this can be even more. The post Syma X19W 2-in-1 car drone appeared foremost on First Quadcopter. Although it does not org a status LCD or trimming buttons, the RC looks more spiffy and more purchaser friendly.


SYMA X19w car-drone come with a new concept which tries to target the younger generation of the remote controlled toys enthusiasts. Frankly, If you’re looking for your first quadcopter, it might not be the best choice; however if you’ve already owned and flown one before (and know how its done), SYMA X19w is the one you should be eyeing. Great battery life, super fun car mode, agile flights and a sturdy build are what make the SYMA X19w a winner in my book.


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