SYMA X5UW 2.4G a cool looking RC FPV Quadcopter incoming soon


In this weeks drone picks we have a rather unique drone form SYMA the SYMA X5UW 2.4G. Iif you look at it you will notice it has cool looking design, comes in an all red colour. It also stands beneath to reat on a flat surface properly, this quadcopter can be taken everywhere you want.


The device come a with a 1MP inbuilt camera, You can record photos and videos during every happy flights. 6 axis gyro fly system provides a more sensitive gyro’s regulating, more stable and flexible flight
The device comes with an attractive height hold function, which lets the quadcopter to hover at a fixed height. It is a great function for aerial photography lovers


The quadcopter can controlled by your phone via the customized APP which you can download fron their website. You also get the infamous function of one key automatic taking off and landing, you can control your drone to start and end a trip conveniently and safely. Furthermore you get the headless mode where the direction of the drone depends on the user rather than the drone itself.


Also the one key automatic return function makes it easier for beginners to control. The SYMA X5UW  features 2.4G technology allowing you to fly more than one sky drone at a time. It is incredibly durable and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor flight. The drone comes with the ergonomically designed remote control as well as a USB cable to charge your drone.



SYMA X5UW 2.4G Remote Control FPV Quadcopter
SP: $55.99
Note: 14 Pieces left for Shopping festival on Nov.11


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