Syma X8HG 8.0MP Camera RC Drone with Barometer Set Height For Just $88 at RCMomet (Coupon Inside)


Just want the exquisite outward appearance, durable material and multi-function of Syma X8HG, you will want it after having a look! The This quad-copter is equipped by means of 8.0MP HD camera that is wonderful for the files of pictures and films to be directly stored in the mobile phone so that you can watch the effects whenever and wherever. The H/L pace switching, headless mode and barometer set excessive ability may make fly secure more very easily and you will want a wonderful flying experience. Just come and secure it!

The SYMA X8HG Drone has the ability to take stunning photos and movies to a whole new level. Thanks to a removable 8-megapixel camera, this quadcopter can take pictures and videos at 720p, allowing you to explore your surroundings like never before. Constructed of APS material, this drone is equipped with a durable design that can certainly withstand a few strokes. In addition to this, this drone is easy to use, making it the ideal electronic gadget for both drone drivers and beginners.

With its powerful 2.4 GHz control system, this drone ensures strong anti-interference performance and a powerful signal, which allows you to keep control of your drone at any time. Featuring a 6-axis gyroscope, you will be able to fly even in the most extreme weather conditions like strong winds. The 2000mAh battery allows you to fly for up to 8 minutes, allowing plenty of time to explore the surroundings and shoot beautiful images and movies from above.

Thanks to a wide variety of advanced features, the SYMA FPV X8HG is equipped with a highly advanced barometer that allows you to set a specific flight height. Just enter the flight height of your liking and your quadcopter will fly at that particular altitude without the need to worry about the controls. With a range of 50 meters flight distance you will be able to explore the surrounding environment in no time and, thanks to its colored LED lights placed at the bottom of the drone, you will also be able to fly after sunset without losing sight your drone. In addition, this drone also features a mode that eliminates your fears and worries of running out of battery when the drone is in mid-air, with this feature enabled,

Supporting the flight at 360 degrees, this drone is able to fly upside down and allows you to enjoy breathtaking graphics and a view from above, at any time, so as to experience the world from a completely different perspective.

Syma X8HG is probably the best solution for those who want to experience decent aerial photography Quadcopter. You can buy from RCMoment at $88 in flash sale with use this coupon code: SMX8HG


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