SYMA Z3 Review – Four-Axis 720p HD Camera RC Drone For Just $56.6 at Gearbest (Coupon)


The new Drone Syma Z3 is Foldable and does not need assembly is compact, easy to control and safe. It has a 720P HD camera with an FPV function (real-time transmission) with a WIFI connection to take amazing photos and videos. It incorporates functions such as optical flow positioning, gravity sensor, altitude maintenance using gravity sensor, flight plan, a key for takeoff and landing, headless mode, 360 rotation, automatic movement, and high/low-speed switching.



It’s made of ABS thermoplastic and PS materials have made SYMA Z3 light, rigid and physically durable and strong, SYMA Z3 is a cool looking drone. Its simple design with smooth and perfect arrangements made its appearance attractive. SYMA Z3 is a medium-size FPV drone with a white body. Four propellers are designed smoothly and they have been placed strongly with nuts over them. Its battery is in the core of its main body part with extra battery protection. Its landing gear somehow seems a Lil bit unique to me and this simple design of landing gear made SYMA Z3’s size medium and attractive look.


It’s every part that has been designed in a proper way. Especially its attractive design of the camera and landing gear makes it appear cool. Its light-weight and medium-size design make you able to carry and use it in a comfortable way. There is nothing negative to tell about SYMA Z3’s design and appearance. Its bright and cool design will amuse you certainly.

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The HD 720P WiFi camera can transmit HD videos in real-time during an FPV flight. You can record the videos directly in your smartphones with their FPV app. You can easily download the FPV app from its official website. This HD WiFi camera enables HD videos and clear photo shooting with the support of barometer and optical flow sensors. Its connectivity and network connection system are strong and surprisingly good enough. It enables you to control it via a 2.4 GHz wireless remote controller. You can control it with its remote controller or with your smartphones. They provide an application for your smartphone to easily control it and capture images and videos. Its WiFi system works with almost all smartphones and tablets. You can control it from 80M distance. Its 2.4 GHz wireless technology assures amazing flight experience with good anti-interference performance.


SYMA Z3 has come with long-lasting battery life. It has a 3.7V 850mAh LiPo powerful battery. Its flying time can reach up to 8 minutes. There is an external packaging in the battery. This packaging provides extra security for battery and increases battery life. Now you can easily replace your battery in SYMA Z3. This is incredible. The fast USB charging is enabled with indicator light.


That’s all about the SYMA Z3 FPV drone. You have seen there are some incredible features. There is nothing negative without its optical flow sensor and this problem has occurred in some cases. The amazing features like headless mode, HD video transmission, the folding opportunity will amuse you certainly. You will be attracted by its cool design. We can buy it from Gearbest at $56.6 by using Coupon Code: A43C3776409EB000

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