Teclast F7 Business Laptop| Slip Design, 14″Inches, 6GB RAM 64GB eMMC| Design, Hardware, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


Ultra-thin entry-level notebooks are popular primarily among students and office workers. The Teclast F7 Business Laptop is a universal compact Notebook that easily copes with text documents and presentations. And they do it for the whole working day. As a rule, they have a low speed. Hcopeser, this is offset by their compactness and reasonable price.


Design Teclast F7 can be described in just two words – it’s beautiful. It seems that in its development involved people who at one time came up with a MacBook Air. The same thin metal case, elegant finish all surfaces and inspiring the maximum confidence in the build quality. Only the apple on the lid is missing. It is in this case replaced with a modest Teclast logo in the upper left corner. After the first delights, we proceeded to a more detailed study of the device. First of all, the compactness of the gadget is impressive.

Its thickness in the widest place does not exceed 14 millimeters, and the weight is only 1.2 kilograms. Such a notebook is easy to hold on weight with one hand. It fits almost any backpack or bag. In this case, the body is made of a fairly strong metal: even with a strong pressing, no surface bends or bends.


The screen diagonal of Teclast F7 is 14 inches. The resolution is 1920 × 1,080 points. Teclast sets the matrix of different manufacturers in this model, which may differ slightly in their characteristics. In our copy is presented a glossy IPS-display manufactured by Sharp.


It is based on Intel Celeron N3450 – a budget chip, specially designed for use in low-cost laptops and tablets. We have already met this chip in several devices that have been in our editorial office. The amount of RAM is 6 GB. This is enough to ensure the operation of the operating system and quick switching between running applications. As a permanent memory is used an SSD-drive volume of 64 GB – enough to store the most necessary user data.


It’s rare to find USB 3.0 port on a $250 laptop. Well, Teclast F7 Notebook features not just one but two USB 3.0 ports. And believe it or not, we even have a USB Type-C port as well. The other ports include Micro HDMI, the Micro SD slot, and the headphone jack. The WiFi is dual band supporting the IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n wireless. There’s even Bluetooth 4.0. The first inspection of the case of the laptop we were puzzled by the complete absence of any holes for external speakers. Nevertheless, Teclast F7 can play sounds and very loud.

Under the metal hood, we a 4900mAh battery. Though we have the Full-HD screen and a 6GB RAM, thanks to the energy-efficient SOC the battery timing is around 4 – 5 hours. However, it makes take some time about 3 hours to charge the battery to 100%. The notebook is shipped with Windows 10 Home, and you can download and install any desired language quickly and easily, in addition to the preinstalled languages.

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However, the performance of the device depends not only on the processor and video chip. Of great importance is the memory subsystem. And in this area, Teclast F7 has an advantage over its competitors. After all, it uses an SSD-drive, the speed of which is several times higher than the eMMC memory used in inexpensive notebooks and tablets. Teclast F7 Business Laptop is now avaialble on Geekbuying just at $249.99 using Coupon Code: GKB33TF. From Teclast comes a new notebook easy to carry, ideal for Office applications, web browsing and viewing streaming content. Intended for those who do not have a high budget available, the F7 is a product that is characterized by a refined design, a good build quality, and a Full HD display.

Update on Nov.11, 2018

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