Teclast T50 Android Tablet With an 11-inch 2K Screen


Today, Teclast has warmed up the new flagship tablet Teclast T50, which is officially called the “leapfrog version” of the previously released Teclast T40 Pro. You can read teclast t50 review here.

According to reports, Teclast’s T50 tablet will be equipped with an 11-inch 2K screen. According to the official, T50 is the first time Teclast has selected an 11-inch large-screen model. It has a rich visual perception and at the same time, the more accurate the touch operation, the greater the utilization of the internal space of the fuselage; with T-colour 2.0 color optimization technology, The low blue light radiation is well suppressed, the picture colors are more vivid, and the details are displayed more clearly.

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Teclast launched the T40 Pro tablet, equipped with a 10.4-inch 2K screen, equipped with Unigroup Zhanrui T618 processor, and the first release was 1,189 yuan. It is expected that Teclast’s T50 tablet will have a higher configuration.

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