Teclast X98 Plus II Design, Hardware, Software, Battery, Camera Review


Teclast has released Teclast X98 Plus before, but right now there is good news that Teclast will release the other model,  Teclast X98 Plus II  in view of the name, it will be the upgraded version of Teclast X98 Plus. It is a 2in1 tablet pc with dual OS, Windows 10 and Android5.1 OS. Due to RAM 4GB, the overall performance has been improved a lot. Therefore, what will this tablet pc amaze us to have a try?




Teclast X98 Plus II has 9.7 inch IPS Retina Touch Screen with 2048 x 1536 Resolution for more natural finger touch.  Due to its high resolution and 264ppi, we have tested to watch movies, the overall color is quite impressive and vivid. We can not see the pixel points in this tablet pc. What’s more, the 9.7inch screen size has same large design as iPad Air, it’s easy to hold for us. But some users with small hands will think it is a little large. As a normal tablet pc, 9.7inch is quite good for recreation. Meanwhile, it uses IPS technology which can provide us with wide viewing angle. If you don’t believe, you can compare it with Teclast X98 Plus.




Teclast X98 Plus II is powered by Intel Cherry Trail Z8300 64bit Quad Core 1.44GHz, Up to 1.84GHz which also has been used in many other models. But for this tablet pc, it is best match due to Ultra-low-voltage platform which can offer the largest high-efficiency power to run the programs. Meanwhile, the Intel Turbo boost technology has also delivered dynamic extra power when you need it. Teclast X98 Plus II has improved its internal storage to 4GB LPDDR3 RAM that we can do multitasking freely, and run the games, videos, music and other apps more smoothly and 64GB eMMC ROM Storage Capacity that i have stored many files in the tablet pc for my more convenient work. As you know, there are few tablets on the market that has RAM 4GB ROM 64GB, others with this kind of performance sell very expensive. But Teclast X98 Plus II has changed it image for smart tablet pc currently. In addition, it uses Intel HD Graphic Gen8 GPU which can let us enjoy high quality of images, videos, games and internet searching, etc. This kind of performance match is so perfect.


Dual Cameras

Teclast X98 Plus II has dual 2-Megapixel sensor camera for the front and back one.  We test the photos of its back camera, i have to say it’s not good tool to take out for shooting  the scenery. Because it has low pixel. But it is a practical tablet to do video recording about our life naturally. And we also tested its front camera, it can’t take clear photos in dim light, but when i do face time, or video calling, it is good enough for us. So about the camera, it depends on how you use it and how you expect.



Dual OS

This time, Teclast X98 Plus II supports dual os with Android 5.1 Lollipop Operating System and Microsoft Windows 10 64bit OS. It’s very easy to switch the OS you want. Whether Android OS or Windows OS, it will let you enjoy the same features like a smartphone or computer. In general, We mostly used Android for entertainment like a smartphone and Windows for business like a PC.



This device has  8000mAh non-removable lithium-ion battery, which can support as least 5 hours playing. Of course, when we set up the brightness at 50%, it will last longer working time. But the charger can charge fast, because it only takes 3 hours from 0% to 100% power. Therefore, the battery life actually depends on what you use and how you use.


Other features

Teclast X98 Plus II doesn’t support SIM card, but Teclast X98 Plus has. It has great WIfi model with  802.11 b/g/n supported protocols, it also support charging and transferring files by Micro USB port, and it works well on Bluetooth 4.0 version. In addition, it has Gravity Sensing System that significantly enhances the gaming experience.


Teclast X98 Plus II  is wonderful but not so perfect, we may like its good design and superior quality, nice hardware, Dual OS, large internal storage, and its attractive price, but we also don’t like that it doesn’t support SIM card for phone call and low pixels about its camera. But anyway, not everything is perfect, it will be your best partner in work and life.

Start End Items (English)   pro price Coupon Amount
11.20 11.27
Teclast X98 Plus II 2 in 1 Tablet PC
159.99 GBTPC37 150

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