TenFifteen S3 3G Smartwatch with 1GB RAM\16GB ROM Design, Hardware, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


We come back with a range of devices that lately has become an ideal option for many users looking to enjoy products with multiple functions, so our star today is the Smartwatch Phone, 2 in 1 devices that are outlined with great features, and the representative of this section is an old acquaintance who has managed to fall in love from time to time, we are talking about TenFifteen, a manufacturer that previously delighted us with the TenFifteen F1 Sports and continues in this appointment with a new exponent, welcome him to the TenFifteen S3, an ideal Smartwatch Phone to do sports and keep us communicated at all times, so join us to know all that this beauty has to offer us.


The TenFifteen S3 maintains a circular design that boasts the classic elegant and refined air that we love so much, for which we can add that this device will be excellent to accompany us both to the office and to a casual meeting with friends. It is available in a single color, black and although this is incredible to be combined with our attire, we must say that we would have liked a couple of other options. As for its buttons, this Smartwatch Phone comes with 4, which are positioned on both the right and the left, each of these offers different functions such as launching the applications, going back or exit, turning on or off the device and many more options. This device has dimensions of 28.90 x 5.10 x 1.56 cm and a weight of 0.070 kg, being incredibly comfortable to use at all times, finally, on the back, we locate the heart rate sensor, which we will delve into later.

The TenFifteen S3 comes with a 1.93- inch OLED screen with a resolution of 400 × 400, reaching a fantastic HD quality , on the other hand, thanks to the inclusion of OLED technology we will enjoy more vivid and clear colors, apart from the fact that It is much cheaper to produce and therefore does not affect the final price of the product.


The TenFifteen S3 comes with a technical section that manages to offer us a performance that can be compared with any low-end Smartphone, which is why we will review carefully what it consists of. To start has a MediaTek processor, specifically the MTK6580, which has 4 cores at a frequency of 1.3GHz, combined perfectly with a memory RAM of 1GB and a memory ROM of 16GB, but unfortunately, the latter is not expandable. Finally, it comes with a removable battery with a capacity of 550mAh that assures an average use time of about 8 hours, although the same can decrease depending on how intensive the use we are.


The TenFifteen S3 offers a wide variety of sporting options that will be a true wonder, among which we can highlight the heart rate sensor, this function is responsible for keeping a detailed record of our heartbeats, another application that shows is the Pedometer, it is responsible for maintaining an accurate record of the number of steps and distances traveled during the day. These functions are essential for all those users who wish to start a sports routine.

The TenFifteen S3 has the same wireless connections that a low-end smartphone has, this is because it is compatible with a SIM card, which must be inserted from the back. To start we can connect to the network thanks to its connection to WiFi, 2G, and 3G, we can also make and receive calls at ease. On the other hand, we can synchronize with other devices through its Bluetooth connection and finally, GPS will be the ideal function for the more adventurous.

The TenFifteen S3 comes with an IP67 certificate, which ensures an ideal resistance to accompany us literally wherever we want. The first digit represents its resistance against dust on a scale of 1 to 6, the latter being a total resistance against it, the second digit indicates its resistance to water, it comes on a scale from 1 to 9, by What the number 7 assures us is to be resistant to water at certain times, in this way we can even take it to swim with us.


TenFifteen S3 3G Smartwatch is a powerful and practical smartwatch with high-quality design. Most users would like to have a try, especially those liking sports. Right now TenFifteen S3 3G Smartwatch is on Pre-sale for $115.77 at Gearbest using our coupon code: GBMBP If you are looking for a decent smartwatch, just try this smartwatch.


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