TENKER Q5 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector Design, Features Review AMAZON


TENKER Q5 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector delivers great result when it comes to brightness clear images. If you are up to buying a home cinema projector then exploring more about this Tenker LCD projector can be really beneficial.


Don’t be fooled this its small size. This TENKER Q5 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector allows you to watch all of your favorite TV shows and movies on a display size between 35 inches to 100 inches. You can easily download your media onto your phone and iPad and connect them to the projector. Making this a seriously good option for those looking to maximize the viewing experience. In addition, this projector is capable of projecting the image from as far as 13-feet away and as close as 4.9 feet away, with the company stating the sweet spot is around a 6.5-feet away from a flat surface.


Tenker Q5 being a mini video projector works for large projection size giving you outstanding private home theater experience. TENKER Q5 video projector has multiple inputs to connect to the desktop, laptops, game consoles, iPad, iPhone, Android devices etc. To establish a connection with Smartphone or tablets, you need a wi-fi dongle. It gives minimized fan sound thanks to an advanced cooling mechanism with temperature dispersion. Amazingly TENKER Q5 video projector is backed by leading warranty service of 3 years and award-winning customer and technical support. Adding to its connectivity options is an SD card slot (which supports cards up to 64GB) and a USB drive. this is a projector equipped with additional features like keystone correction – where the projector is capable of automatically correcting the display on occasions where the display is not naturally centered.


The TENKER Q5 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector has innovative cooling system allows incredible dissipation of heat. Furthermore, the fan noise is reduced by about half with a new noise suppression technology. This leads to much less distraction when playing or watching movies. TENKER Q5 1500 Lumens LED Mini Projector is now be had on AMAZON just at $69.99.


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