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The Tesvor M1 vacuum cleaner robot impresses with its particularly strong suction power of 4000 PA and optimization for animal hair allergens. With its obstacle detection, the device adapts to the room and calculates the optimal cleaning path.

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The side brushes are very helpful when cleaning edges and corners. Because they sweep the dirt out of the corners that the robot vacuum cleaner could never vacuum due to its round design. That works pretty well in principle. However, the Tesvor M1 keeps a lot of distance from the wall, so that some dirt remains there. Incidentally, the M1 always programmed the edge and corner cleaning again at the end of its cleaning process.


The Tesvor M1 is the very latest TESVOR product with innovative Supclean technology and mega-high suction power of 4000PA! This high suction power has not yet been achieved by a single vacuum cleaner robot of all existing brands and in the medium and high price segments. The M1 sucks up 70% dust and 30% coarse dirt better than a vacuum cleaner robot of the much more expensive brands. The robot can be controlled either by the free smartphone APP or by voice instructions via ALEXA or Google Home and the cleaning work can be observed in real-time. The newly developed M1 has a one-key control and automatically recognizes where cleaning has already been carried out and where obstacles have been. Therefore no double cleaning and no collision with objects standing in the way. After cleaning is finished or the power supply decreases, the M1 robot vacuum automatically navigates back to the charging station. There it is quickly charged for the next cleaning job.


The Tesvor M1 offers a high suction power, which is otherwise mainly seen in first-class vacuum robots. With its maximum suction power, it can go up to 4000 Pa. The disadvantage of the maximum suction mode is that it makes loud noises and may have problems picking up objects like socks and cables. If you are sensitive to noise, the Tesvor M1 also has a sleep mode, but with a reduced suction power.

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