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Football is an energy-filled game that attracts crowds of billions of fans from around the world. If you are one of them, this is what you should know: Within the top 1 000 World’s leagues there are thousands of games being played per day. There are over 50 000 active football players that are getting great salaries for kicking the ball. How ridiculous? The fun goes on. Within each played game there are over 500 events and statistics that are being tracked. This includes player and game statistics. If you multiply the crucial numbers, during the busy day football will produce over 1 000 000 lines of information and this is a huge amount of data. It however takes a few clicks to get the details of any game you could imagine and together with we will look at it.

  • It is all about data

How would you predict the outcome of a football match? Would you trust your gut feeling or would you go with statistics and analysis? Well, guest what… Following the gut feeling the biggest reason why people actually suck at predicting the outcomes of a football match. Instead of putting the statistics into probabilities, there is still the mentality of e.g. “I feel like Barcelona is about to lose tonight” or “I will support Ajax by betting on them”. This is indeed not the right approach and leaving the science out of predictions will not do any good. The Football prediction app by Rowdie is here to help. You find all the details and tools you need to come up with a valid football game prediction. You can find it in Google Play and iOS. But there is indeed more to it. Now you have all the data, but what is supposed to be done next? Keep on reading to learn more.

  • How Well Do You Know the Game?

When it comes to betting, there is actually no need to keep a track of everything that is happening in the game. In fact, you need not know anything about the game at all. The bet depends on calculations of chance and probability and the math is accurate enough to help you make a good bet that you win. However, if you do know the game, that works as an added advantage. When you follow a game or know about a game, you have certain pieces of crucial information about the game that helps you make a well-informed decision about the game. You will know, for example, which teams are higher up in the league, how consistent the team that is going to play on the next match is, how likely is a team to score a goal, and so on. These pieces of information add greatly to your betting skills since you will certainly have more information to bet your bet on than someone who has just done the math.

  • You Shall Not Have a Favorite

If you are planning on betting on football matches, you cannot go for your favorite teams. Football, or any other sport for that matter, has an emotional aspect to it. People love their teams and deeply care for them; they are very protective of their teams. However, none of that counts when you are betting your money on a game. When you bet you want to win, and if your team is up against a much stronger team, then you bet on the other team and not against them. You have to trust logic over the decisions made by your heart when you are going to make a bet.

  • Try Other Bookmakers

In the world of betting, the relationship with one’s bookmaker is kind of sacred. You have to maintain a strong and healthy relationship with your bookie and you have to be loyal to him. This helps in the long run as the bookie will keep getting you better deals from time to time allowing you to make a good profit. This does not mean that you can’t browse through other bookmakers. The online world is loaded with bookies giving odds and you should browse through these from time to time. Your bookie can only get you a limited selection of odds and doing this helps you widen the selections.

  • Less Selections

One of the most important things to remember while you are engaging in betting activities is to keep the selections low. This is a prime tip to ensure that you end up with a good win most of the time. Keeping selections low means that you have a greater chance of getting a return. The larger selections depend on much more things than the lower ones and thus have a greater possibility of failing you.

  • Not So Obvious Markets are the Better Choice

There are times when you just cannot decide which team or which odd to go for. You should also know that some of the odds given by a bookie may look attractive but they are designed to fail such that they can make a profit from it. These are times when you can go for off-beat markets. Now, you need some practice in betting before you will be able to discern a good odds but you will get there. For example, between Manchester City and Leicester City, you will mostly bet on the former team since they have a greater chance of bringing in a better team. But, what would you do if Leicester city was up in the leagues by a great margin from Man City? These are times when an offbeat market will help you gain good. You could bet on a star player who is most likely to score a goal in the match and thus win from it.

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  • Right Moment Awaits You

Since betting is all about chance, the right moment counts a lot in this world. It is an intuitive thing that develops over time as you engage in more betting activities. There will be times when you will know just for sure that you are going to win a bet because you will be able to discern a good bet from a bad one.


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