The Basics: How Do You Buy A Dedicated Server?


Before we go on an all-out explanation on purchasing a dedicated server, allow me to explain what a dedicated server is and why you should even bother leasing one. A dedicated server is just one type of internet hosting service that allows you to have exclusive use of a web server. This is quite beneficial if your web site creates a substantial amount of traffic in a day plus it provides security to you and your clients with whom you will be exchanging financial and personal information.

Dedicated servers give you the full access to customization that gives you the power to plan and manage site traffic. Another advantage of dedicated servers is the fact that the storage space on the hard disk is quite huge that allows constant upgrades on your web site’s applications which in turn keeps your web site at the top of the notch.

Leasing the Dedicated Server

Dedicated servers are readily available online. A lot of discounts as I have mentioned above are available as well and a lot of packages come along that would fit your web site or company’s needs. Many web hosting directories such as Hosting Raja provides a directory of dedicated servers hosting plus a list of the cheapest dedicated servers available.

Leasing a dedicated server is the same as ordering clothes online. With a simple click of the button, you would be inputting financial and personal information to the web host directory of where you would like to purchase a dedicated server. Log on to the World Wide Web to get the best deals for your money which would now bring us to the next topic: How much does a dedicated server cost?

The Costs

A dedicated server is not necessarily cheap but given the benefits, it does outweigh the price. What concerns you should not be how to buy it since leasing or renting one is as easy as clicking “add to cart” on the internet but what should concern you is the price of a dedicated server?

Dedicated server packages may be as low as 1000 INR per month but the downside to this low price is that you would have to be equipped with the basic skills on running your server. The best deals for dedicated servers reach up to 6000 INR per month if you take services from Hosting Raja which includes 2000 GB traffic or a 100 Mbps connection and lots more. So before you do lease a dedicated server ask yourself: Do you need it or is it just something you want?

Need and want are two very different things. Let me point out that you need a dedicated server if your web site is creating a substantially large amount of traffic in a day. A web site like this constantly needs updates on applications to keep your web site at the top of the game allowing an increased number of site traffic. A dedicated server constantly upgrades applications plus the storage space of the hard disk is enormous enough for the upgrades.

However, if your web site does not even create a substantial amount of traffic plus the profits of your web site are not enough to cover the price of a dedicated server then it is not something you need.


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