The best Kodi builds for Kodi 18.9 Leia


A ‘Kodi builds’ are a perfect set or package which constellates pre-installed add-ons, tools, and utilities. In one single area of the Kodi app.  Builds provide new appearances to the Kodi interface, adding custom skins. These break the monotonous default Kodi page.  The internet offers a variety of Builds that suit each Kodi version. Users can access the best Kodi builds to make a suitable Kodi interface.

Builds have a different effect on the navigation structure. Significantly Kodi builds provide preinstalled addons. The user doesn’t require multiple addons, which use a lot of time installing. However, there are different types of builds. Each build has its kind of addons, meaning not every build has the sort of addons you need.  Nonetheless, builds allow the user to install additional Kodi adds to suit their need.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is an open source media player that runs on different devices such as Android, PC, and iOS. The software allows users to stream movies, TV shows, and sports. However, Kodi doesn’t work without features called addons. These are bridges or apps which provide Kodi the content to play. The Addons have different apps such as Movies, shows, etc. Users who need to enjoy movies or music should install movie addons to their Kodi. The internet has the best Kodi movies addons fit for all Kodi versions, such as Kodi 18.9 Leia.

The combination of Kodi, addons, and build provides the user with a complete set, which will work on their devices. There are different builds which host features. You can install more addons on your build without requiring new builds. Here we check on some Kodi builds and their features.

  1. Titanium build

The Titanium build is among the best build which works with both Kodi 18.9 Leia and 17.6 Krypton. The build provides a whole new experience in the entertainment world. It’s the best Kodi build which accommodates more services.  The user can enjoy live sport, Live TV shows, Movies, YouTube, Kid’s entertainment center, and sports replays.


  • The Titanium has various addons Deathstar, Yoda, Gaia sportsDevil.
  • The interface is designed with a better experience.
  • The titanium build system is always updated, giving quality features.

These Kodi build works for all users; Spanish and English users can enjoy the great app.

  1. No limit magic build

The No limit magic builds no limitation but works with all Kodi versions. It has excellent abilities and is equipped with online entertainment features. Reviews from users show it’s among the top best and comprehensive build for Kodi. No limit magic build has the Aeon Nox5: Silvo skin, thus producing a great appearance. Kodi skin’s influence on your Kodi is determined by the type of Kodi build installed.


The No limit magic build has several popular add-ons such as Yoda, cCloud TV, copy and paste, pulse fitness, sports devil, the magic dragon, and many more. These addons will suit music lovers who can access unlimited music.  The build is not limited to music, but also you can stream movies, watch TV shows and enjoy live sports. There are live US and UK TV channels for all users.

  1. Misfit Mods life

This Kodi builds limited and works for the Kodi 18Leia only. The build has millions of users due to its unique features. The build offers free music, TV series shows, movies, sports, and live sport.  There is a wide range of video streams with multiple sub-categories.


The build has the best features and accommodates addons such as Deathstar, Sportsdevil, and the magic dragon.  It’s a free version build with unique content for all users globally.

  1. Streamline

The streamline works to provide quality content. It works best with Kodi 18 and has the best addons for kinds of services.  You can stream favorite movies, TV shows, and live sport streams. The build has excellent addons such as Exodus Redux and the magic.


The streamline build size can accommodate several services. It’s also lightweight to give the best performance on the Kodi devices. Streamline fits Kodi with low Ram and processing power (Firestick), making it suitable for all devices.

Reviews describe streamline build as simple, neat, and easy to use. The build interface is very appealing to users.  The build is easy for first-time users since its details are spelled out.  The small size doesn’t deter the build from performing and providing services to all users worldwide.

  1. Slamious

The Slamious build comes five on the list buts it the best build in the online world. It has millions of users and works with Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 17.6 Krypton. These are the latest versions of the Kodi app.  The build accommodates all devices, both high and low specs.

It has a collection of great addons that stream all online content—starting from movies, live TV shows, live channels, and sports.  Slamious has a beautiful user interface and easy to use.

Kodi builds apps that can never be exhausted. There are thousands of builds in the tech market. The choice is determined by the addons you need for your stream services.


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