Xiaomi Mi 4K Android TV Box| 2GB+8GB, Kodi 4K Support| 5 Things You Will Must Take This| Price Just $60.99


Xiaomi Mi 4K Android TV Box, the global version and meet with Powerful processor, powerful graphics chip and 4K support, Xiaomi Mi TV Box offers high performance with award-winning design.

1. Design

A Xiaomi Mi TV Box is fits perfectly in the palm of the hand and has a square design with rounded tips and a body of black plastic without much shrillness. A small black box where only the logo of Mi will draw our attention. On the front we have a small white LED to indicate that it is on, the sides are completely smooth and if we put it upside down we have a rough circle so that it does not slip through the furniture.

2. Hardware

Xiaomi Mi TV Box Provides excellent performance thanks to its 4 core Cortex-A-53 processor and Mali 450 GPU. You say Mi TV Box for you. It’s enough to tell the content you want to watch on the Android TV that comes with the smart combo with the sound sensor. Mi TV Box saves you the trouble of doing research by doing the necessary research for you. In fact, we have 2GB of RAM that seems pretty short for any game other than the usual casual Android titles. As for storage, we will be free only 5.1GB.

3. OS

Xiaomi Mi TV Box with Android 6.0 operating system 4K Android Tv Box comes with voice control and Google Cast support. Android Tv, which supports many popular applications such as Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, Kodi, Blu Tv, Puhu Tv, TED, Dailymotion and etc.

4. Connectivity

Mi Tv Box with DTS 2.0 and Dolby Digital Plus Surround support provides high-quality audio up to 7.1 channels with SPDIF optical output and 3.5 mm audio output. Xiaomi Mi Tv Box, which allows you to view your contents on a hard disk or USB memory thanks to USB 2.0 port, supports many video formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, as well as allows playback of 3D contents.

5. Features

The Xiaomi Mi TV Box, which comes with HDMI 2.0a connectivity, offers 4K Ultra HD and HDR content with excellent performance with 18 Gbps data transfer rate. The 60 fps 4K decoding model shows a high content of motion scenes such as races and action films with high fluidity and clarity. Mi-TV Box turns into a game console with popular games you download through Game Center, thanks to intelligent control with 6-axis sensor and sensitive detection. Somato sensors, a powerful gaming experience with a powerful CPU and GPU, Android Tv brings the gaming experience to the next level with Bluetooth gamepad support.

Where To Shop

With its superior performance, award-winning design, versatile connectivity and intelligent control with voice control, Xiaomi Mi 4K Android Tv Box is able to answer all the requests of Android Tv users with high performance and reasonable price. Xiaomi Mi TV Box is now available on iBuyGou.Com Just at $60.99 using Coupon Code: MTVC0423.


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