The DJI Mavic Pro Drone is Down to its Lowest Price For Just $708.79 at @RCMoment


If there is a drone that has made a name for itself in the world of quadcopter s, it is the DJI Mavic Pro model considered as one of the most intelligent available on the RCMoment! Enjoy it and treat it today! The DJI Mavic Pro drone is compact yet embeds many technologies that make it one of the best on the market.

The DJI Mavic Pro drone with a video camera can shoot real 4K video and slow motion full HD: comfortable and powerful, you can always take it with you to capture the moment whenever you want. When you leave the house, fold it, put it in your backpack, and go. And when you want to take it off, just use the included remote or the app on your iPhone or iPad.

Every single element of Mavic Pro is perfectly miniaturized, from the camera to the flight components. Yet it gives you all the power you need, which you can manage without problems with the pocket remote control. And thanks to DJI’s exclusive OcuSync technology, Mavic flies up to 7 kilometers away.

If you want to take a ride with a drone to catch a friend while walking or just take a look at the area from above, you just need an iPhone and Mavic Pro. With the DJI GO app, you see everything that the camera sees, in addition to the various information about your Mavic: the battery status, its position, where it’s going, and much more. When shooting videos from above, it is essential that the shots are stable. And Mavic Pro meets all expectations. His 4K camera has a miniaturized system that stabilizes it completely, to get the most out of every single pixel.

With Mavic Pro you do not need a film crew: you just need ActiveTrack. You decide what to follow, and the function does the rest. For maximum flexibility, you can choose between four tracking modes: Trace, to follow or precede the subject, Profile, to fly alongside, Spotlight, to keep the camera on the subject while flying in every direction, and Circle, to run around the subject.

Once in flight, Mavic Pro goes exactly where you want, even if there is a lot of wind. Then it lands automatically near where it had taken off, so you can fly it in peace. Mavic is also intelligent: he sees the obstacles in front of him and avoids them.For thrilling emotions, activate the sports mode of Mavic and make it fly to the incredible speed of 64.8 km / h.

The DJI Mavic Pro is a quadrocopter quite amazing in its retractable design. Its arms mounted on joints allow it to adopt an ultra-compact format when folded. Once the arms are deployed, the Mavic Pro becomes a super fast, responsive and precise super drone. It is also equipped with a stabilized 4K camera making beautiful videos in the ultra-high definition. We Can buy DJI Mavic Pro From RCMoment at $708.79 After use this Coupon Code: JM8D and 120 points to enjoy price. RCMoment Ship DJI Mavic Pro from US Warehouse.


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