The Four Flagship Phones That Are Most Worth Buying


The flagship mobile phone dominates the market of the whole industry. The best mobile phone friends are best at pushing the flagship. Almost every flagship product represents the latest research and development results of the product in the near future. The most worth buying is These four flagship mobile phones, the first two models are very cost-effective, and they are sold out of stock, and the latter two are price cuts.

Vivo IQOO 

This is the first cost-effective mobile phone of vivo. IQOO adopts the design concept of e-sports level, which is specially created for game lovers. The processor of Snapdragon 855, liquid cooling system, better guarantees the actual use of the fuselage. Performance and body temperature, IQOO also incorporates the virtual button pressure touch that stimulates the battlefield, making the game experience even better. At present, the stocking of this mobile phone is very sufficient, and the cost performance of the mobile phone is also outstanding, if you like Really worth it!

Xiaomi Mi9

Xiaomi Mi9 adopts a trendy mobile phone design, 3D curved glass body structure, and a prominent water drop screen design. The screen ratio of the whole machine is still very good. The rear three cameras, the main camera is Sony’s 48MP, the quality of imaging is very good, Xiaomi Mi9 is almost a second empty market situation, but it is good that Xiaomi Mi9 has now opened the full pre-sale, as long as the payment Xiaomi promises to ship within 3 weeks. Very sincerely bought is earned!

iPhone XR

iPhone XR is an ideal Apple flagship phone, but because the previous price is really not ideal, now the price of this phone is about 5,000 yuan ($744.25), Apple A12 processor, face ID is strong unlock, still There are dual card dual standby, multi-body color scheme, it is definitely very product identification and market competitiveness. If you like to promote the price reduction, you need to say that this phone’s shortboard, screen, and battery life is definitely not, just Charging efficiency is too low, it would be better if you can purchase a fast charge kit experience.

Meizu 16

Meizu 16 in the domestic mobile phone market last year can be said to be difficult to find a machine, the market is in short supply, and there is a big problem in the production chain, resulting in good products ultimately did not achieve good market sales, and now Meizu 16 has The price has dropped to about 2,200 yuan ($327.47), and the standard is 6+64GB. The processor of the Snapdragon 845 supports the fingerprint unlocking on the screen. The actual experience tends to be perfect. If the friend who likes this phone is still out of date, it is still very Worth starting!

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