The Leak of UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Reveals Luxurious Ceramic Versions and Flagship Camera Sensors


UMIDIGI has recently presented the new Z2 and Z2 PPro, two interesting smartphones featuring latest-generation technical specifications and aesthetic features from real premium products. A new version, Luxury Ceramic Edition, will be available for UMIDIGI Z2 Pro to be released soon. This Luxury Ceramic Edition not only adopts ceramic materials, it also becomes a model upgraded camera image sensor.

UMIDIGI Z2 Pro not only offers variations of Twilight and Twilight Black but also ceramic bodies. It is a durable, curved ceramic body. Ceramic types used for UMIDIGI Z2 Pro are different from those used in common bowls and vases. This is a new type of ceramic called microcrystalline zirconium oxide ceramic. This is a material that is easier to manufacture than Xiaomi MIX 2 manufacturing process.

In order to produce microcrystalline zirconium oxide, it is necessary to use a variety of methods such as tape casting, punch molding, sintering, vacuum, setting, CNC processing, front polishing, edge polishing, laser drilling, CNC finish processing, cleaning, laser etching, 16 processes including second inspection, packing, shipping, etc. are necessary, high cost and very advanced. The cost of ceramics is 75% higher compared to glass. However, it has high hardness and excellent scratch resistance.


As you can see, the process from processing to manufacturing is very difficult and there is no doubt that the ceramic version will cost more. In addition, the ceramic version also supports the world’s fastest 15 W wireless charging.

In addition to this ceramic, the camera image sensor is also upgraded. For the 16MP + 8MP of the UMIDIGI Z2 Pro, the S5K2P7 rear camera image sensor (1.12 μm, 1 / 1.28) is adopted, and the same S5K2P7 dual lens is used in smartphones such as OPPO R15, LG V20, Nokia 7 etc. In addition, the front 16MP camera sensor is equipped with Sony IMX 371 adopted in OnePlus 5T. UMIDIGI Z2 Pro Luxury Ceramic Edition ‘s new design, it seems to be one that can be greatly anticipated in terms of specifications.

Currently, Gearbest is in the pre-sale of UMIDIGI Z2, it is discounted for $50 and it is available for $249.99. In other companies, such colors may be set higher than usual, but Twilight and Twilight Black are also available. Also, from next Monday (25th), Aliexpress’ UMIDIGI official store will be priced to $249.99 and sold.


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