The Mavericks Launched Two New U-Series Electric Cars And Entered TheBicycle Field


On the evening of April 12, Niu Technology held a press conference in Beijing, launched two U-series upgraded electric vehicles, and launched a new brand NIU AERO, announced its entry into the bicycle field. Niudian Technology first talked about the interpretation of lithium batteries. According to its introduction four years ago, Niudian Technology brought lithium batteries to two-wheel electric vehicles. Four years later, Niu Technology has more than 800,000 lithium batteries, more than 206 billion rides, and more than 110 million safe operating hours.

Speaking of this new product, Niu Technology has brought two US and U+ electric vehicles, which are upgrades of the previous Mavericks U-series. The U series is one of the electric car series that the Mavericks meet the national standard. The overall appearance of the two cars does not change much from the previous U series, and the central control can be replaced with a mobile phone as a display interface.

The internal structure is mainly improved in safety and battery. In terms of safety, the V35 central control supports three-mode positioning to upgrade all parts of the Mavericks “body”, and adds electronic fence, remote start, remote lock, and add cloud function on the battery to view battery information in real time.

The internal battery is also the focus of this upgrade. It adopts the 4th generation NIU energy AI power lithium battery system of Niudian Technology, which supports super fast charging and can be intelligently adapted in 12-21A. The battery is matched with the ultra-lightweight Maverick motor, which can reduce the weight of the whole vehicle by 18% and the torque by 6%. The Mavericks electric U+ has a single charge of 160 kilometers.

NIU AERO is a new sub-brand of Niudian Technology Conference. It is different from the previous Mavericks electric car. This time it is a bicycle brand with two different product positionings: road bike and mountain bike.

The full range of ROAD is located on road bikes. This conference has four road bikes, ROAD-01Sport, ROAD-01 Lite, ROAD-03, and ROAD-09. The ROAD-09 race-grade flagship road bike uses the Shimano Dura Ace kit/hydraulic disc brakes commonly used in the Tour de France. ROAD-09 has a net weight of 8.5 kg.

The full range of MTBX is the mountain bike series, MTBX-01 Sport, MTBX-01 Lite, MTBX-03. The MTBX-03 is targeted at professional cross-border bicycles.

According to Niudian Technology, the carbon fiber material composite molding of two different processes is adopted, and the weight of the frame is reduced to the lightest while having high toughness and strength.

In addition, Niu Technology has customized the integrated speed cadence sensor for the two bicycles. In addition to adding the bicycle channel to the Mavericks app, it has further created the exclusive riding brain for the NIU AERO – the NIU AERO performance meter. You can see the average speed per minute when riding, the maximum speed and the altitude when riding.

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In terms of final price, the main difference between US and U+ is battery and battery life. The calf electric US can last for 100 kilometers and sell for 3,499 yuan, and the U+ can last for 160 kilometers and sell for 4,399 yuan.

The price of Road bikes is from 3499-61999 (no mistakes over 60,000), and the price of mountain bikes is 2499-8999 yuan.

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