The Next Revolution in Mobile Gaming


Mobile gaming is by no means at the stage of rivaling desktop or console play. Yet, every year there are profound advancements in mobile technology. Plus, there is a growing demand for mobile-based games. Both of these factors combined to push developers to create bigger and better releases.

2019 saw the rise of social media gaming through platforms like Facebook. Big franchise games like PUBG have taken the market by storm and showcases the latest technology in mobile gaming.

Our Hungarian Author at, especially enjoys puzzle type games. These are his favorite because he can test his skills against his friends.

Mobile gaming advancement and trends don’t look to be slowing down in 2020. As we head towards 2021, there is a myriad of exciting new developments revolutionizing the mobile gaming industry as we know it. The most significant of these is the introduction of 5G.

Below we will explore some of the future mobile technologies in 2020. If you’re a mobile gamer, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to try these out.

VR and AR Technology

VR and AR are not new mobile technologies; this tech has been around for some years now. However, over these years, the tech has been considered the most challenging, demanding, and expensive. Plus, a VR/AR game’s success relies on customers also purchasing a headset and other addons. Many deemed the purchase not worth it for the number of games available to them.

Nowadays, VR and AR games are in the ascendancy. Many top-tier game developers have released fantastic titles that are fully immersive. The price tag attached to the gear has also dropped, making these virtual reality worlds accessible for almost any budget.

It is expected that VR and AR games will rapidly move into the top-grossing games list soon.

Social Media Gaming

Social media gaming has opened up new opportunities for gamers and developers alike. Through platforms like Facebook, you can enjoy an extensive library of games that keeps growing.

The most popular thing about these releases is you can directly post about your achievements. Plus you can invite others to play, and play against people on your friend list and beyond. By enabling this interaction, these games are connecting people on a global level.

Live Events

It has now become common practice to include live events in mobile app games. You can join in real-time activities, even if the app game is free. These occur daily, weekly, or monthly to encourage you to receive rewards and join the leaderboards. App-based game creators have had to up the ante as the competitive market of similar games continues to expand.

In return, this has deepened player experience and keeps them coming back for more. 2020 has seen the trending use of tournaments and challenges. They are a great way to entice new downloaders and reward loyal players.

Big Franchises Coming to Small Screens

According to the expert Boross Ors, Top of the charts console games like Call of Duty have already made a move to mobile. Other big-name franchises are expected to follow suit. Replicating a console experience for such intricate games can be a challenge, as it often results in cluttered interfaces, and gameplay compromises.

Yet, as can be seen, while playing Call of Duty, unique mobile features have been incorporated. These help bridge the gap between the big and small screens.

This movement to mobile also opens up a broader market of Esports channels. Esports betting is growing in popularity. A new audience of gamblers can benefit from using their gaming skills and knowledge in the online gambling world.

To Conclude

The rapid advancements in gaming technology are shaping the gaming world. They are also impacting mobile gaming trends. Social media gaming is becoming a huge part of the platform’s usage, and VR/AR is growing more popular with modern, forward-thinking gamers every day.

Top-tier franchises are developing mobile-friendly versions of their games using the latest software. They are taking advantage of the rolling release of 5G to do this. In turn, this is affecting online gambling. Esports is growing to a size that may one day rival other forms of betting.

Don’t miss out on these revolutions. Grab your smartphone today and take a look at what the play or app store has to offer. Alternatively, if you fancy playing with friends on the go, browse your social media platform. You are bound to find a collection of games categories for hours of endless fun.

The revolution of mobile gaming is to be expected, as billions of people own smartphone devices worldwide. Slowly, everything for which we relied on desktops is becoming accessible from our mobiles with no compromise on quality.


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