The Officially Promised MIUI 14 Upgrade for MI 10 is Coming


According to Xiaomi’s official plan, the second batch of MIUI 14 will be released at the end of March.

In response to hot questions about MIUI 14 and MI 13, Zhang Guoquan, director of Xiaomi’s mobile system software department, promised that the Mi 10 series will upgrade MIUI 14 and that the kernel will be based on the new Android 13 version.

Recently, Zhang Guoquan revealed that the Mi 10 series MIUI 14 will be packaged this week and is expected to open in private beta next week.

It is understood that Xiaomi 10 series will be released in February 2020, equipped with Snapdragon 865 chip, running Android13 is enough, as the old flagship released for 3 years can eat MIUI 14 is very conscience, old users can also experience a number of new features of MIUI 14.

In MIUI 14, Xiaomi not only made “three cuts” to greatly simplify the system and greatly improve the smoothness, but also brought new visual designs to the UI, such as new big ICONS, big folders, desktop pets and so on.

As one of the cores of MIUI 14, Photon engine consists of scene intelligent recognition, resource dynamic scheduling and resource computing engine. According to official tests, the fluency of third-party applications can be improved by up to 88%, and the fluency can be improved while saving more power.


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