The Screen Comparison Between ANKER ROAV and AZDOME A305


The dash cam screen, as a picture output device, decides the visual expertise of the device. The dash cam is going to be not excellent with a poor screen irrespective of however powerful the dash cam is. What area unit the benefits of IPS screen compared with TN screen? Today we have arranged a Screen Comparison Between ANKER ROAV equipped with TN screen and AZDOME A305 is equipped with IPS screen. so let’s see what are the differences in both.

Initially, While IPS is best, TN isn’t that bad as long as you’re not viewing it from below or some angle and also the display impact of IPS screen is a lot of clear and with richer detail compared with the common TN screen. Secondly, The special handling of dynamic distinction greatly improves the layering, the color is going to be a lot of distinct and also the image will be more profound. Meanwhile, the IPS screen uses horizontal conversion technology to form the screen respond quicker and more stable, that provides a smoother and excellent expertise for users.

Samples are Here

We can see the variation between the TN screen of ANKER ROAV and also the IPS screen of AZDOME A305 within the image. once viewed head-on, there’s not much distinction between the both, however, you’ll clearly see from the facet that AZDOME A305 includes a higher screen impact than ANKER ROAV, whether or not on screen brightness or display impact.

Additionally, IPS screen technology conjointly contains a major breakthrough in energy saving, further reduces the power consumption of the battery, therefore it’s a lot of energy-saving and environmental. IPS is usually costlier, however, produces much higher display quality, with higher colors and far higher viewing angles.

They both are available on Amazon ANKER ROAV is sold for $69.99 with the common TN screen and AZDOME A305 for $55.99 with IPS screen and each is 1080P and WiFi, that one would you prefer? If you want to learn more about AZDOME A305, click on the product official website:


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