The Snapdragon 835 Processor Prototype First Unveiled: Xiaomi MI6 Should be the First One


Before CES 2017 officially starts, Qualcomm has officially announced the full specs of Snapdragon 835 processor, to be simple, it uses double cluster Octa core design, high performance up to 2.5GHz frequency, up to 1.9GHz highest efficiency, integrated with X16 LTE, supporting Cat.16 and Cat.13.

Compared with the previous Qualcomm prototype smartphone, they are same, this Snapdragon 835 prototype still only shows the performance mainly, there is no need to care about the design. The photo below is the comparison between Snapdragon 835 chipset, the other chipset and a coin.

According to the speculation of Sun Changxun, he first smartphone with Snapdragon 835 processor should be Xiaomi MI6 or Samsung Galaxy S8, but Xiaomi MI6 has been leaked a lot recently, so Xiaomi MI6 will have bigger possibility. But without accident, Xiaomi MI6 will be the first one to be powered by Snapdragon 835 processor without question.

Wang Yang as IHS iSuppli Chinese Research General Supervisor once claimed that Snapdragon 835 processor is quite powerful, Samsung Galaxy S8 will use this processor, according to supply chain, Xiaomi MI6 will use Snapdragon 835 processor, and this smartphone will be in trial test this month with small stock, it will definitely use Snapdragon 835 in China first.

It is said that Xiaomi MI6 will have three versions, Snapdragon 835 OLED dual curved, Snapdragon 835 OLED flat version, and Xiaomi MI6 with Mediatek processor, but Xiaomi MI6 will be released until April possibly, but we can exclude that Samsung Galaxy S8 will use Snapdragon 835 first, anyway, only two days left, we will witness the truth here.


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