The much awaited Xiaomi VR Headset is finally here


Putting an end to the speculations, the Xiaomi VR headset is finally here. Xiaomi kept up to its promise by finally launching the headset on time this time.


The thing that seperates the Xiaomi VR from other VR headsets in the market is its design. With a two way  zipper in front to ensure your smartphone doesnt fall from the VR, Xiaomi did a great job on building something unique. Well if you thought if the Xiaomi VR has sandstone finish, WHOA ! Wait its not sandstone, it is made from a combination of EVA and Lycra material which are skin friendly and makes the VR more comfortable for usage for longer durations.


Dimension wise, the Xiaomi VR measures 201 x 107 x 91mm and weighs 208.7 grams. With its size, it can fit smartphones having screen size 4.7 to 5.5 inch. To make its more aesthetic, the VR will be available in variety of colour patterns. It also supports full 360 degree VR content and the standalone app designed by Xiaomi for this Headset also lets you play VR games.


The Xiaomi VR has anti glare aspherical lenses that guarantees optical grade image quality. And on the front cover, there are 2 small opening that lets you adjust the smartphone when its inserted in the VR and you wont have to open the Zipper cover everytime to keep the phone exactly in place.


To provide its users special and updated VR content, Xiaomi has partnered with Youku, DAMAI VR, QIY, DOORIBIN,etc. Right now the device isn’t up for sale but Xiaomi is looking for beta testers. If you are interested you can click here – Xiaomi VR Headset to apply as a beta tester. The Chinese media hints the headset to be priced under 10$.


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