ThiEYE i20 2.0 inch 1080P HD Action Camera Review: A Top notch Camera For A budget price


Recently, the quality of Chinese budget-friendly gadgets is improving dramatically, day by day. Maybe that’s why the world’s point of view about Chinese products is changing in the past years. Now we’re thrilled to enjoy any technology at a reasonable price. So looking at this, we present you our today’s protagonist “ThiEYE i20” Action Camera. The ThiEYE i20 is a Chinese sports camera which features some breathtaking features for a price of only $46.99. That’s why we decided to write a review on it, as it’s worth of having one.


Talking about the design first, Thieye i20 molds with rugged plastic which allows the user to have a perfect grip on it without slipping and the characteristic of lightness. Still, that plastic embedment appears to be somewhat shoddy, but the rugged pattern on it saves the day by defining the product as a sports camera. It comes in just one color, black with a dimension of 6.00 x 3.00 x 4.00 cm and weighs just 57grams way lighter than must smartphone.

Screen & Display

On the rear, we have a TFT LCD 2.0 inch screen with an excellent brightness level (perfect for outdoor games).  Since it’s a TFT screen don’t expect much from it, the actual picture quality is vivid on the external display (e.g., Monitor, TV or laptop). Even the thick boundaries also limit the charm of the terminal. There was plenty of spacing between the edges and the display. They may have increased the screen size but still, the pricing is the ultimate problem. We won’t be able to get a camera under $40. In addition to the screen, we also have LED that flashes while recording.


On the right side of the Thieye i20, if viewed from the rear of the TFT display, we can find two buttons to zoom or navigation through menus and configuration options as well as help us to enable wireless network. At last, on the same side, we find the connectivity options which includes an HDMI port and Micro-USB port. However, images and videos can be stored in a memory card (up to 32 GB, class 10). The camera is dependent on the card, as it has no internal storage memory. Make sure that you already have one or buy it.


The ThiEYE action camera i20 achieves gorgeous 1080P 30fps full HD videos and 12MP photos, which enables you to capture high-quality pictures without compromising on the i20’s sleek and compact style. Featuring with 170 degrees ultra-wide angle lens, 2.0 inch TFT LCD displays, multiple capture modes, the i20 is a perfect camera that is compact, waterproof, wearable and mountable. It is currently available on Gearbest For $31.99 using the coupon Code: GBCETYI20


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