TICWRIS Max 4G Smartwatch Received Firmware Update to V1.6 (Coupon Included)


In the past 6 months, the Coronavirus doesn’t only shut the globe down but also change the way we live on so many levels. Alone as you might feel, thanks to technology, there are ways to stay connected to the world and enjoy some company for a while. Among them, Zoom is amazing in opening up so many possibilities for awkwardness. Zoom is allowing people to embarrass themselves in ways they couldn’t even imagine just several months ago!  Numerous Zoom memes and jokes were posted on social media. Yet some people might be facing the awkwardness of not having enough devices for the whole family’s Zoom classes, zoom meetings, and zoom chats in the covid19 social distancing holiday.  Here we introduce this big boy —— TICWRIS Max.

With its King-sized screen and 8MP front camera, it is literally the smartwatch with the biggest screen and the best camera. These two features will ensure you a nice video call experience. With its 4G network and 3G RAM + 32G ROM combination, you can basically download any android applications to it. You can even play PUBG on this smartwatch slash smartphone on your wrist. In that Max’s better configurations (LEM T is with only 5MP camera and 2700mAh battery) and cheaper price, this Ticwris model is just the right choice. Here are the 5 dollars off coupons for you (CXHMF9X).

TICWRIS is taking mild steps in optimizing their firmware of TICWRIS Max. In essence, TICWRIS Max UI 1.6 retains all the goodies of the old version. It adds the notification beep sound when the charging cable is plugged in. Apart from that, there’s no much difference between the two software skins. Just some slight tweaks and tiny design differences here and there.  All Max users will get update notification push once the max is connected to wifi, or you can go to “setting → about watch → wireless update”, then it will update to v1.6 automatically. All you need to do it wait for a while.

As we’ve introduced another TICWRIS model earlier, we heard that this GTS smartwatch sells really well in this debut month. GTS has raised great brand awareness for its covid19 related health monitoring usage. The temperature detecting and blood oxygen monitoring functions. Check it out here. Seeing companies contributing their part in helping the world to recover. We see also the ray of hope that our life will get back to normal soon.


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