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How we love finding new electronics websites where we can buy all kinds of technological items at the best market price! This time we want to talk to you about TikTech, an online purchase and membership recommendation platform where you will find new technology products for enthusiasts and device explorers. A lot of gadgets of all kinds for sale and lots of information related to electronic products! Tiktech introduces us Exclusive Amazon Promo Codes to their Members.

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TikTech partners with hundreds of leading tech companies to offer you exclusive coupons. Now we also offer exclusive Amazon discounts! Wherever you purchase on TikTech or Amazon, you can buy the new-released gadgets at the lowest price with our codes, and enjoy the expert service from TikTech!

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TENVIS TW888 1080P Webcam delivers a crystal clear image and video, utilizing 2 million CMOS image sensors and automatic light correction. Wide 120° viewing angle with no optical distortion. Great for webinars, and video conferencing. Excellent video quality with 1080P and recording at 30fps. Faster and smoother uploads and streaming with advanced H2.64 video compression technology. Perfect for Skype, Facetime, Hangouts, Facebook, Zoom, YouTube, Twitch, and more. TENVIS TW888 USB camera is equipped with a noise-reducing microphone, which allows for clear and natural sound recording, providing the best video conference experience even in a noisy environment. Buy From TikTech at $20.79

eMeet Luna has some technical improvement and hardware updates based on eMeet OffficeCore M220. The eMeet Luna Speakerphone is considered as one of the best speakerphones of 2020 by CNET. At the first sight, Luna is simple and sleek. It comes with a high-quality full metal and matte-color shell, which matches most office design and business style. And the device is small and lightweight, users can carry it anywhere. Equipped with 3 microphone arrays, Luna enhanced its 360° far-field pickup function. Combined with the self-developed Voice IA algorithm, it delivers clear and fluent conversation in 6-8 attendees’ small-scale remote conferences. If daisy-chained with other eMeet speakerphones, it can support up-to-12 participants in a remote meeting.

In terms of compatibility and connection, it’s also versatile to meet different needs. Luna can be a wireless device over Bluetooth connection, users can also use the included cable and plug the microphone via USB to the PC, other audio sources like AUX, or use Luna’s own Bluetooth USB dongle. The dongle helps the device quickly and easily to connect and allow use with any computer. Meanwhile, it is perfectly compatible with various mainstream platforms, including Zoom, Skype for Business, WebEx, Teams, Goto Meeting, Google Hangout, Facetime, etc. And for devices, Win7/8/10 or Mac OS could be easily connected with it. Buy From TikTech at $71.99

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1829 CSS Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer Combos have multipurpose cooking capabilities. The Soft-touch panel has 14 presets, including poultry, meat stew, soup broth, rice, pressure cook, slow cook, saute, egg, cake, yogurt, and more. The LED touch-screen has 7 presets, including Fries, fish, shrimp, pizza, steak, BBQ, chicken leg. The air frying feature provides a crispy taste of fried food with fat 97% lower than deep frying. It helps you cook chicken, chips, pork chops that crispy on the outside and tender on the inside with the air-fryer technology for a healthy diet. A pressure cooker & air fryer combo that is suitable for giving to family and friends and enjoys healthy cooking with loved ones.

The pressure cooker lid and air fryer lid with a lifting handle are designed to be detachable. The electric soft-touch control panel and LED touch-screen make this pressure cooker and air fryer combo easy to use! The led display is intuitive and clear. The built-in preheat function can ensure the cooker reaches the desired temperature. This air fryer pressure cooker has lid-off protection and overheats protection. The nonstick-coated inner pot is PFOA-free & BPA-free. With this Air Fryer & Pressure Cooker Combo, cooking will be so healthy and simple, you will enjoy a variety of kinds of delicious food. Buy From TikTech at $107.99

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