Timekettle M2 – A set of wireless earphones that translate in real time up to 40 languages and can be used as regular earphones! (vid+images)


Due to covid 19 virus, travels are not the main subject in our life at the moment, but with the vaccine been given to people, thing will return to normal. So what is better than to be able to go abroad and speak and understand the other person without difficulty!? For that either you must know a lot of languages or you will need a translator like Timekettle M2 wireless earphones. Timekettle M2 support up to 40 languages and 93 accents, so is sure that you will not to have any problem when traveling!

The Timekettle M2 came to me without any problem from the customs.  The TikTech site ships from US with Amazon logistics, quickly and with the same after-sales service and FREE TAX worldwide as and for Europe. As you can see on the top side of the box you can see the earphones, at the side you can see some info about the earphones and at the back also.

Inside the box you will find the charging box with the two earphones inside, a charging cable, a manual, a warranty card and a card surprise! The charging box closes with magnet and the two earphones are hold inside the charging box with magnet, as you can see and in the video.

Timekettle M2 work mainly as language translators. The wireless earphones can translate in real time Online or Offline, your speech. They can translate up to 7 languages offline and 40 online as and 93 accents! Of the Timekettle M2 work and as normal earphones and can be used to play music and making phone calls. The earbuds come with integrated Qualcomm aptX and are powered by AI technology.

The earphones connect easily with your mobile. To do so you will need the program TimeKettle. From there with the help of the earphone you can work with them as translators.

As I already told, the M2 supports two-way translation in 40 languages and 93 accents online and 7 languages as is written on the box, offline.

The M2 translator earbuds support iOS11 or Android 7 and above. The mobile must support Bluetooth 4.2 and above. Unfortunately, you cannot use them when listening a foreign movie or video from tv, as the mechanical noise and narrative patterns would affect the translation accuracy. But in real life translation I was impressed! The company says that the accuracy is about 95%, I would say even more. Taking under consideration that Greek language is a difficult one in translating, I have to admit that trying the M2 earphones during the video translating in Greek, the translation was really very very good. So ii you plan to come to Greece, TimeKettle M2 will definitely help you! As translators, they work in 3 modes which you can see them in the video below – touch mode, speaker mode, and listen mode.

Each mode can be activated by the menu of the app in the mobile. For touch mode, you simply tap the sensor to activate and translate the spoken sentences. For listen mode, you place the phone on the table to capture the conversation in a group and listen to the translation from the earbud. For speaker mode, you use the phone’s mic as a speaker and one earbud for a simple talk. You can share you earphone with the other and speak and translate at the others earphone, but wouldn’t recommend it now with the pandemia. Nevertheless, the earphones are small and have such a design that can be easily cleaned and sterilized with an antiseptic wipe. How to connect them there is a video at the start of the app and you can see it at the video below. The use of the M2 is very simple and anyone can easily use them.

Check what you see in the app in the various modes and how you change languages.

As you can see in the images above, you can see the percentage of the battery in both earphones. When they are charging in the case, you see a red light, when they are charged or in use you see a green light. The charging case charges using a Type C slot and on the box you will see 2 LEDs blinking to see if the box is fully charged, on each side. Apart from that, don’t forget that the earphones are still earphones that can be used for listening to music or answering your phone calls.

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You can get them from the TikTech eshop for only 109.99$ using the coupon DPWCS87H3KPG!

The TikTech site ships from US with Amazon logistics, quickly and with the same after-sales service and FREE TAX worldwide.

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