Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Apple’s Magic Mouse


The Magic Mouse, also referred to as a Mac Mouse, is a wireless device that works via Bluetooth. Apple has continuously updated the magic mouse so that it offers a seamless navigation experience. Even for people using Macbook laptops, use of a mouse makes navigation easier and faster compared to using a trackpad and hitting buttons.

The magic mouse has multi-touch capabilities including support for gestures such as scrolling and swiping on the surface of the mouse to interact with the system.

a) Multi-Button Mouse

The Magic Mouse has a touch sensitive surface that will not have many buttons. However, the mouse offers far more buttons since it allows you to create primary and secondary clicks in addition to the commands for various gestures. The mouse doesn’t come with the right click feature enabled by default. Keep in mind that Apple names what with typically call a ‘Right-Click’ as the ‘Secondary Click’ option.

· Use the keyboard modifier to right click

The keyword modifier allows you to create a right-click to convert the primary click of your mouse to the secondary right-click. Hover the cursor over the item on which you require the right-click, proceed to press and hold the Control key as the keyboard is clicked.

A context-sensitive menu will appear and you can now release the Control key. Choose the desired menu option to finish the process.

· Setting right-click on your mouse

On the Apple Menu or through the Dock, go to System Preferences and select the Mouse Preference option. The interface of the preference window that will appear will differ depending on the type of mouse. In the case of the Mac Mouse, select the Point & Click tab and check the Secondary Click box. Finally, choose which side of the mouse you wish to use as a secondary click.

b) Smart Zoom Feature

The Magic mouse offers the smart zoom feature that comes in handy when zooming in on a precise part of the screen.

c) Change Mouse Speed

Mouse speed refers to the speed at which the pointer of the mouse moves across the screen and the time taken between the button press and double-click on the mouse. You have the option to increase Mac mouse acceleration if you are not happy with the existing sensitivity of the Magic Mouse.

Steps for Changing the Mouse Tracking Speed

Step 1: Choose the System Preferences from the Apple Menu at the top of the screen.

Step 2: Select Mouse from the System Preferences menu

Step 3: At the top of the window, tap on the Point & Click option

Step 4: Under Tracking Speed, there is a slider which you can move to increase or decrease the speed of the cursor as per your requirements. High speed implies that you make less movement to move the cursor.

d) Solutions for Disconnecting Issues

A good number of Magic Mouse users have reported that their devices keep disconnecting at random intervals. The problems can be addressed in different ways depending on the underlying causes.

· Battery terminal contact is the most common cause of the disconnection issue. Without power, the mouse will not establish Bluetooth connectivity with the computer. To check for electrical connection issues, turn off the mouse and push down on the battery cover to open it. After taking off the batteries, attach two small-sized aluminium foil papers on the negative terminal/end of the battery to enhance the contact reduce disconnection issues. The batteries will hold tightly and will in most cases solve the problem.

· Bluetooth pairing issues is another problem experienced with both first and second generation Magic Mouse. Start by turning off Bluetooth on your Mac and wait for a few minutes before turning it on again. Delete the preference list of Bluetooth to clear data. Turn on Bluetooth, pair and connect your Magic Mouse with the Mac.

· Check whether Bluetooth is turned on both on the Magic Mouse and your Mac. Turn over the mouse and check to see if the green light next to the power switch is on. Secondly, check the Bluetooth icon at the upper menu toolbar of your Mac to ascertain that it’s switched on.

e) Smart Zoom

Not many people know that Apple’s Magic Mouse has a “Smart Zoom” feature.  The Magic Mouse can precisely zoom in on any part of the screen. To enjoy this feature, there are a few changes to make in the settings. Start by opening System Preferences and then clicking enable on the Smart Zoom feature.

After enabling the feature, open any web browser and double tap on the mouse to zoom in on a specific part of the screen. Double tapping on the mouse again will revert to the original screen settings. The “Smart Zoom” feature is beneficial when exploring maps since you can quickly zoom in on a specific area.

f) Add More Gestures

Apple’s Magic Mouse offers more than the typical left-click, right-click, and scrolling. You get the opportunity to add gestures that improve mouse acceleration as well as productivity and efficiency at work.

Go to System Preferences, then Mouse, and find the “More Gestures” section. Enable the new gestures that you want to use to control your mouse such as swiping left and right on the screen, or enabling Mission Control feature for a bird eye’s view of all active windows.


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