Tips to optimize Facebook ads for success in 2021


There are tons of articles out there about optimizing Facebook ads. Optimization implies that your campaign results will improve as a result. It separates successful unicorn ad campaigns from the rest.

Optimize the likes and reposts of your ads on Facebook.

Likes and reposts under your posts (and ads) on Facebook are pure forms of social proof. If others like ads, then the product must be pretty good. When setting up a Facebook ad campaign, you have two default options: create new ads for each ad set and campaign.

Often the option “Use an existing post” is not displayed. However, this is an incredibly effective way to optimize the number of likes and reposts of your ad. The easiest way to set up multiple ad campaigns using the same message is to first publish the ad post on your company’s Facebook page. You can then select this post every time you set up new ad campaigns or new A/B testing options. It’s also important to buy Facebook followers and get fans to like / engage with the posts.

Use the Fast Take-off method.

Sometimes it can take a couple of days before you have enough campaign results to start optimizing. It can take a while to launch a campaign, especially when you are working on a tight budget. This is why we like to speed up the optimization process using fast takeoff tactics or FTO.

When starting a new campaign, set a daily or lifetime budget that exceeds your planned budget. You don’t want to use expedited shipping as Facebook will then focus on ad delivery speed rather than quality and cost.

As you launch your ad reaches 10,000+ impressions, you will be able to assess what works and what needs to be improved. After launching the initial campaign, you can reduce your budget to the level of your planned total budget. However, keep in mind that you need to give Facebook at least 24 hours to adjust your ad’s performance after each new edit. Whenever you make significant changes to your campaigns, wait at least 24-48 hours before drawing any conclusions.

Optimize your ad display schedule.

Do your campaigns run 24/7 to reach your target audience regardless of the time or day of the week? An important part of ad optimization is analyzing your Facebook ad accounts. To see which days of the week bring the most conversions at the lowest CPC, go to Facebook Ads Manager reports and use the Breakdown menu to break your campaigns by day.

Get rid of ad fatigue with ad rotation.

The more people see your ad, the more bored they will be. This means that after your target audience has seen your Facebook ad four or more times, your CPC will increase significantly.

Here’s a simple tip for optimizing your Facebook ads:

  • Create multiple ad variations with different Facebook ad designs.
  • Set up an ad campaign with multiple ad sets and different ads, and schedule each ad set to be active on a different day of the week.
  • This way, people will see different ads every day, and your ads won’t be repeated.

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