TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescope Flash sale at @CAFAGO (Limited Stock )


TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescope has 10×25 Compact High Powered Binocular has an impressive design and durability built to last. Its features include fully coated optics for bright and clear views, powerful 25x magnification for big-game hunting, wide-open concerts, and perfect rubber non-slip grip for holding comforts. It is a wonderful item for glassing long distances, examining small details and enjoying the action-packed views of skiing, horse racing, water sports, etc.

TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescope Wide View It provides a wide field of view that measures 114m at 1000m.High-Powered Twist-up diopter adjustment for precise setting, with powerful 10x magnification and 25mm objective lens that feels the girl’s heartbeat.Clear Image -XMC Technology with BAK4 prism and multi-coated lens for improved light transmission and image clarity, made of Mg body and hand figured polishing.On Day and Night(weak light) With green film optics glass lens, you can see the stuff clearly in weak light condition(low-light-level night vision, can’t see anything in complete darkness)Amazing Mate Design – Ergonomic rubber armor absorbs shock while providing a secure grip gives You everything you want.

First, you can close your right eye, adjust the intermediate wheel individually, then adjust the left eye focus clearly.Second, close your left eye, and adjust the right eyepiece fine-tuning, you can rotate the focus clear.After all focusing clear, you can open your eyes at the same time, holding the binoculars to adjust the interpupillary distance.When using the binoculars, you can keep your eyes 2CM/0.78″ distance.You can adjust the intermediate wheel fine-tune when you look at different distances.

You don’t need upset more for the distance of your favorite star and can fully enjoy the concert or match with TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescope.TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescope is a flash sale at CAFAGO in just $15.99.if you want you to enjoy every match, concert, nature and e.t.c check first and get your TOMSHOO Outdoor Sports Binocular Telescop.(is a just Limited flash sale)


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