Top 10 Best Android Smartphones in August, 2017


Right now Antutu has released the rank list in August, so let’s see which phones are the top 10 that are popular with users? First, those phones which have five stars, good comments and more good comments rate can be chosen in top 10 list. In android smartphones list, the best phone is Sony Xperia XZ Premium, its good comment rate has been up to 98.4%, top 1 rank.

The reason why Sony Xperia Z Premium has got such good comment rate is to support 960 frame slow-motion video taking, and it has 4K screen, Snapdragon 835 processor, supporting waterproof, dustproof, of course, it is not cheap.

The second rank is Meizu Pro 6 Plus released last year, the third rank is Oneplus 5, and then Redmi Note 4X, Oneplus 5T, Samsung Galaxy S8+, Xiaomi MI MAX 2, Xiaomi MI6, OPPO R11 Plus and Samsung Galaxy S8 as the following ranks.

During IOS phones, iPhone 6s plus has got most good comments, up to 96.4% good feedback rate, unexpectedly Iphone 7 plus released latest got the last rank, and the good comments of iPhone 7 are as more as that of Iphone 6. we believe with iPhone 8 selling, the good comments and rate will change, stay tuned.


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