Top 10 Big Tendency Features for 2017 Smartphones


We have concluded top 10 tendency for smartphones coming in 2017. Next year smartphones will be much thinner, faster, and smarter which will bring much better users’ experience. VR virtual reality has entered into budget smartphones with better screen quality, higher screen resolution and larger storage. So what kind of tendency smartphones will use next year?

New Design

There will be more smartphones with various design, the most attractive rumor is that Apple will change the old design used for 10 years largely, Samsung will release foldable smartphone. Although we can’t guarantee the rumors, every year it will have new design.

The hot tendency this year is the customized smartphone such as Moto Z and LG G5, these kind of inspiration is from Project Ara, some innovation is released this year including Lenovo CPlus, which is a folded prototype product, looking like a smartwatch wearing in the wrist. LG and Samsung is considering the folding screen in the smartphones.

Faster Chipset

Next year smartphones GPU will be more fluent, the running apps will be faster. Qualcomm has released Snapdragon 835 processor, preinstalled in most high-end Android smartphones. Many manufacturers may choose Helio X30 Deca core processor, which is the most cores mobile processor. These products will bring the powerful computing performance to reduce the gap between smartphones and PC in overall integrity.

Virtual Reality

The speeding-up of computing performance enables mobile devices to run Virtual reality, which needs to consume large resource. We can insert the smartphone to Google DayDream to watch movies, play videos, or addicted into the virtual reality.

Virtual reality is only valid for some smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, next year it will be compatible with more mid-range and higher end smartphones. The smartphones to support them with higher screen resolution can provide the first-class virtual experience.

Faster LTE

The new modem technology will speed up transmission speed. Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7 and other products has reached the downloading speed up to 600Mbps, 150Mbps uploading speed.

After equipped withQualcomm X16 modem, the downloading speed is up to 1Gbps. The Phone with this kind of hardware will be release next half year in 2016. Of course,  it will be up to the carrier network ability whether they can reach this kind of speed.

USB Type C

In 2017, USB Type C has replaced the Micro-USB 2.0 port on Android smartphone, USB Type C has many functions, besides charging, it can connect the mobile device and high definition display, headphone, flash ROM and external storage devices.

Wireless audio

Many smartphones will be equipped with earphone jack, but some manufacturers will adopt the same design to ditch the earphone jack. This kind of smartphones will use Bluetooth earphone which means it will cost extra money to buy wireless earphone for charging. Canceling the earphone jack can reduce the thickness and weight.Some smartphones of Letv, Moto have used this kind of method.

Quick Charge

The charging speed for those smartphones with USB Type C port will be improved. In addition, some support Qualcomm Quick Charge 4 technology. By this kind of technology, the smartphone only takes 5 minutes to charge and support up to 5 hours using. This technology will be applied into the smartphone next year.

Smart Device

Lenovo Phab 2 Pro AR smartphone can recognize objects, mapping rooms, and it can show the relative information about the object. The deep study technology on smartphones can enhance the friendliness of this kind of device.

Bluetooth 5.0

Mobiles will use the latest Bluetooth 5.0 soon which is twice faster than Bluetooth 4.2, the transmission range is up to the 4 times larger than Bluetooth 4.2. Without obstacles, the biggest transmission range of Bluetooth 5 can reach 400 meters. But the analyst claims that if there is obstacle, 120 meters transmission range will be more real. You can use mobile devices to control wireless Bluetooth speaker or unlock car under the far distance.

Larger Storage

Whether you like videos, photos or games, smartphones with larger storage will be a good thing, Currently, a smartphone has 256GB ROM to the maximum. SD storage space is 512GB, but SanDisk this year shows a 1TB SD card prototype product. They have unveiled the delivery date of this product. But larger SD card will come soon.



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