Top 10 High-End Smartphone Antutu Test Review


There are numerous smartphones coming in 2016, some of them are powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, which has solved the problem of overheating. In May, 2016, there are some high-end Chinese smartphones released, but we really want to know how powerful they are. Therefore, we compared the top 10 smartphones about its Antutu test score. Check if your phone is on the list.


Recently, Official Antutu has released the scores among those phones launched in May. It includes Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Xiaomi mi5, Huawei Honor V8, ZUK Z2, Meizu Pro 6, LG G5, Iphone SE, Iphone 6s, Vivo Xplay 5, Le Max 2.

According to the result, Vivo Xplay 5 has top 1 rank with 138,706 antutu scores. Top 2 is Letv Le Max 2 and Top 3 is ZUK Z2 PRO,Top 4 is Xiaomi mi5 and Top 5 is Galaxy S7 Edge.

We can see the smartphone which takes Snapdragon 820 processor can have the best Antutu test in view of performance. So what do you think of these antutu scores? Is your smartphone on the top 10 list?


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