Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Smartphone


Currently, Chinese smartphones are flooding into the market a lot, they have similar specs which make us more difficult to choose. But its nice service and people-oriented smartphones are more and more popular for most fans. So which one should i choose? Therefore, we select top 10 most beautiful Chinese smartphone to discover which one you like.

Top 1 Nubia Z11
The most highlight of Nubia Z11 is the bezel-less design, and high screen-to-body ratio which provide us with the high visual impact.


The Back antenna has done narrow design which doesn’t look like so outstanding, the overall body seems much simpler and generous.

Top 2 Oneplus 3
Oneplus 3 uses all metal unibody, semi-circular Home button, 2.5D glass, the front design is quite simple.


The back also adopts three step design, the surface uses dull polish processing, the camera stands out a little obviously. There is one Oneplus logo under the camera, the overall design looks very amazing.
Compare the Price of Oneplus 3 from these famous stores:
Gearbest–Oneplus 3 at $554.7
Efox– OnePlus 3 at €409.99

Top 3 Meizu Pro 6

Meizu Pro 6 has sleek design, sensor and front camera both adopt symmetrical design, which is very elegant and fashionable.


The back antenna uses more streamline that looks more harmonious.
Compare the Price of Meizu Pro 6 from these famous stores:
Gearbest– Meizu Pro 6 at $343.10
Efox– Meizu Pro 6 at €429.99

Top 4 Xiaomi MI5

Xiaomi MI5 continues to use Xiaomi MI Note style, the front design uses long Home button, and then the multi-tasking and back button on its side.

The back uses 3D glass back cover design, which looks great when light shines, and give us more purity and comfortability feeling.
Compare the Price of Xiaomi MI5 from these famous stores:
XiaoMi Mi5 32GB BLACK
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SP: $288.99

XiaoMi Mi5 32GB GOLDEN
Coupon code: MMi532
SP: $288.99

XiaoMi Mi5 32GB WHITE
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SP: $285.99

Efox–Xiaomi MI5 at €289.99
Chinavasion– Xiaomi MI5 at $285.99

Top 5 Huawei Mate 8
Huawei Mate 8 uses all metal body, 2.5D curved glass design, which is a good ripe and stable sample.


The back design uses CNC processing, which is more fashionable than before.

Compare the Price of Huawei Mate 8 from these famous stores:
Gearbest–Huawei Mate 8 at $513.69
Efox–Huawei Mate 8 at €571.99

Top 6 Smartisan T2

Smartisan T2 pursues the symmetrical design in its appearance. Compared with the last generation, it uses metal middle frame, remove the disconnect feeling and its upright design provide us with joy.


The back takes 2.5D curved glass covered. The black bright back cover looks really beautiful, but is easy to stay fingerprint. As for front design, it uses three physical buttons, if they had been ditched, would it have become more beautiful?


Top 7 OPPO R9

OPPO R9 has very simple front design, 2.5D glass, the round button under the screen, the body looks more sleek.


The back design looks very common, especially the top antenna has been through directly from the camera, which looks not very coordinate, but in general, it looks very good.


Top 8 Vivo Xplay5

As the first dual curved Chinese smartphone, the front design looks more like Samsung S7 Edge, the Stereo feeling is very strong.


The back uses the standard three-step design, and the square fingerprint scanner, which looks very simple, but the white antenna looks not very comfortable.

Top 9 ZUK Z2 Pro
ZUK Z2 Pro uses dual glass and mid-metal frame, the front design uses the rectangular Home button, the receiver and sensor are integrated at the top, which looks more simple. But the top design looks like Smartisan T2 to some extent.


The back uses 3D curved glass back cover which looks very exquisite.
Compare the Price of ZUK Z2 Pro from these famous stores:
Gearbest– ZUK Z2 Pro at $440.32
Efox– ZUK Z2 Pro at €385.99
Chinavasion– ZUK Z2 Pro at $479.99

Top 10 Letv Le Max 2

Le Max 2 looks very upright, the symmetrical design looks lack of something.


The back uses standard three-step design, which looks very harmonious.
Compare the Price of ZUK Z2 Pro from these famous stores:
Gearbest– Le Max 2 at $269.63
Efox– Le Max 2 at €235.99
Chinavasion– Le Max 2 at $249.99

Above all are the top 10 most beautiful smartphones that most users like. Therefore, in your mind, which one is the most beautiful? And which one will you be ready to get or you have already got?


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