TOP 10 Smartphone Sales Figure in JD 618 Festival,2016


JD has announced the sales of different brands of smartphone and other 3C electronics for 618 festival today. In terms of sales figure, Xiaomi, Huawei/Honor and Apple are on the top 3 list, about exact figures, they didn’t announce. But in sales amount, Apple has improved from top 3 to top 1, and Huawei/Honor still in the second rank, but Xiaomi fell into the third rank.

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It’s reasonable about this kind of case, although Xiaomi has higher sales, it still has big difference with Apple in goods  value and also lower than Huawei.  In all electronics products sales, Apple, Huawei/ Honor, Xiaomi are on the top 3 list, but other brands like HP, Canon, Dell has ranked in top 10 list.


Besides, they also released the phone model rank. From the list, the first top 10 smartphone is Meizu M3 Note, iPhone 6S,  Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3, Letv Le 2, Xiaomi mi5, iPhone 6 Plus, Xiaomi Max and Huawei Honor V8 on JD website.



Therefore, which smartphone has you bought? Have you bought the right phone from the top 10 list? In your mind, which smartphone do you like most and will you choose in the near future?


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