Top 10 Tips to Increase the Followers On Tiktok Platform


To be a video expert on TikTok requires increasing its fans, and there are ways to attract fans. If you just rely on posting videos, the speed of increasing fans may not be fast, so you must try methods and skills for attracting fans. If you don’t know these methods yet, so today, we will introduce to you the Top 10 tips for it.

Top 10 Tips to Increase Tiktok Followers On

1. Benchmark peers

Determine the content and industry you want to do, pay attention to 20 high-quality peers, and try to find those who have built accounts in recent months, can create popular content and can be continuously updated, and the number of fans is enough. When creating your own account, imitate your peers as much as possible, and embed industry keywords into the account name and profile to increase exposure.

2. Imitation

Find the 5 videos with the highest likes in peer accounts, refer to the copywriting, and create imitations. How to imitate? Of course, you can’t copy directly, but you can change the form, if he uses oral broadcast, you can show it in words; or change the order of structure, for example, when he talks from front to back, you can talk from back to front. Popular videos have been verified by the market, and the content created by imitation is much faster than blind testing by yourself.

3. Spend money

As a new account, there is a lack of reference data. When TikTok distributes traffic, it can only distribute traffic to people of different age groups. The users who really belong to you are only a small part. If you don’t have them It is impossible to make millions of views. Find 5 of your own works with better data, put in pods, and when putting in, first invest 100 to test the water, find the one with good effect, and the production ratio should reach more than 1:1, then add more pods, put in, and it will be ready in a few days It can make the number of fans exceed 10,000.

4. hide

When the account has basic traffic, it is recommended to hide the “imitation” content. If you want to become bigger and stronger and be a personal IP, you must have your own high-quality content and use the content to create influence.

5. Original video drainage method

Now, whether it is an article or a video, the platform is strongly supporting original high-quality content; therefore, veterans with original ability should try their best to choose originality; reserve the account before posting the video, like others to repost comments; and then wait a few days before posting to you Original video, deploy your account information; don’t worry about leaving contact information at the beginning, after you have fans, you can leave contact information; nickname, signature, etc.

This is a great place to leave your contact details. As long as your content is good, it is entirely possible to explode. Once your video explodes, it’s easy to lose it. The greater the exposure, the better the drainage effect.

6. Improve four indicators

TikTok will evaluate your performance during the cold start phase, focusing on four indicators: praise, retweets, and play rate.

  • 1) In the video description, guide users to complete the actions of liking, commenting, forwarding or watching the video.

self-media training

A lot of videos will start and end their video descriptions with “Must see the last” and “Please praise those who feel sorry for the little sister” just to increase the view rate.

  • 2) In the video description, set some interactive questions to guide users to leave messages and add comments.
  • 3) By replying to user comments, the core point of view of the video can be refined, and more users can be guided to participate in topic discussions, thereby further increasing the number of comments.
  • 4) Prepare God’s comments in advance. After the video is released, ask friends to write it down in the comment area, guide users to participate in the discussion of this topic, and further increase the number of comments.
7. Adjust the release time:

Statistics show that 62% of users use TikTok before meals and before going to bed, while only 10.9% of users use TikTok during odd hours such as company roads and toilets.

There is no uniform standard for the best release time, but the reference time points are 11-12:00, 17-18:00, 21-22:00, and 17-2:00 on weekends.

8. Cleverly use comments.

Today, a critical culture has formed in the TikTok comment section. Some people say: “TikTok does not have a comment section”. There is no soul, and we can make a lot of money by using comments. The new video is in Tubo, after it is released, the sooner we comment, the better, so as to get the first effect.

9. Use TikTok Cloud to control traffic flow

Aautofaster is so popular now, is there any auxiliary software that can help you realize the transformation of marketing traffic? Therefore, in this ever-changing Internet era, technological innovation must not be left behind, so, for many consumers, entrepreneurs have a drainage tool: Dou Sound cloud control system.

10. Drainage

The same is true for review promotion and drainage, the sooner the better. Humor, surprise, fantasy, golden sentences, and vicious comments can all leave a deep impression on people. In short, the content of the review should be new, cutting, or resonant.

The more fans the TikTok account has, the greater the probability of it becoming popular. Now TikTok is talking about the number of fans and video playback volume, etc.

If your account has more fans, the chances of getting advertising revenue are greater. It’s getting bigger, so now many experts are trying their best to increase their fans.

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