Top 20 Best Smartphones in the World, 4 From China


According to the latest news, news media around the world has picked the best Top 20 global smartphone, 4 of which come from China, they are HTC 10, Oneplus 3, Huawei Nexus 6P ranking in top 10, top 8, top 4 respectively. And ZTE Axon 7 is in the special rank.


Top 20

Blackberry Passport has exquisite physical keyboard, and unique square design.


Top 19

BlackBerry Classic is similar to the old Blackberry smartphone, but it has more responsive touch screen and more powerful physical keyboard.


Top 18

Although Microsoft Lumia 950 causes much controversial, it has indeed realized connection with Microsoft APP without any barrier. By the external keyboard, mouse and display, this smartphone has basically realized the ultra thin version of Microsoft Windows OS.


Top 17

BlackBerry Priv is a milestone model for Blackberry. Priv doesn’t use its own OS, but Android OS. And it has developed slide keyboard. It says it can not only meet the needs of users for physical keyboard, but also the needs of Google Apps.


Top 16

Moto G4 has three models, G4, G4 Plus and G4 Play announced in this Summer. Moto G4 Play will come with 16MP camera and fingerprint scanner, although it has such high-end performance, it still has the best tempting price.


Top 15

Apple Iphone 6 plus has large screen.


Top 14

iPhone 6 and iphone 6s has similar design, but it has perfectly met the needs of users with high-end performance but also top brand.


Top 13

Although Moto X Pure is out of date, it is still the classic smartphone indeed.


Top 12

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is the king of large screen phone. Besides big screen, it has high screen resolution display, convenient stylus pen and new type metal glass material.


Top 11

LG G5 has all metal material design, dual camera, removable base. The battery at the bottom can be changed. And the module concept will be equipped with more function.


Top 10

HTC 10 has simple and beautiful design, the pure android OS. When buying, it can be unlocked, and delete the bad apps automatically.


Top 9

Moto Z has slimmest body, gorgeous design, pure Android OS. It support anti-dropping, longer battery life. The module design makes it come with more functions. For example, in order to get better effect of external loudspeaker, we can use the extra projector to play movies on the wall. It will be released in this Autumn.


Top 8

Oneplus 3 has beautiful back metal design, pure Android OS, high-efficiency operation, RAM 6GB, which can compare with Galaxy S7 in its camera, and it has people-oriented price, which makes Oneplus 3 become the best ideal model.


Top 7

Samsung Galaxy S7 can surpass Iphone 6s plus in camera, which can be the king right now in smartphone cameras. It is waterproof, expandable by SD card, it has Samsung payment in any store, all of these advantages enable Galaxy S7 stand out.


Top 6

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has not only equipped with all functions of Galaxy S7 but also 5.5inch display and longer battery life.


Top 5

Google Nexus 5X is one of the latest flagship smartphones.If you are tired of Apple IOS, this one will be the best choice in Android OS.


Top 4

Nexus 6P is the larger version of Nexus 5X. At the same time, it can download the latest apps in google play store. You don’t have to wait for many months like  other android smartphones.


Top 3

iPhone SE has the same app downloading, OS, support and performance as iPhone 6S, it also support Apple pay, dynamic photos, fingerprint ID, etc. But it is cheaper than iPhone 6s.


Top 2

Iphone 6s plus is famous for its huge screen, it has powerful A9 chipset, 3D Touch,fast Fingerprint ID such as dynamic photos, quick shot  to capture the voiced video in 3 seconds.


Top 1

iPhone 6s is considered the best smartphone until now.


In all, whatever we choose, there must be something outstanding to attract us to buy. So in your mind, which phone will be the top 20 best global smartphones?


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