Top 3 Most Popular Gimbals: Feiyu Tech WG2, Feiyu G5, Feiyu G4 in 2017


When you enjoy your best action camera, GoPro Hero5/4/3, or other brands, it is also important for you to choose a nice gimbal to help you take photos with better image or video quality when you do sports outside. Nowadays, there are more and more people who like to take videos, do broadcasting to share their life and work. So do you know which are top 3 most popular gimbals which have got good feedback from other users. We have got the answer, they are Feiyu Tech WG2, Feiyu G5, Feiyu G4 at different price and you can also enjoy coupon.

Top 1 Feiyu Tech WG2

Feiyu Tech WG2 is the latest 3-axis waterproof gimbal for GoPro HERO5/ HERO4 session, and other action cameras included session fixture  at the similar size as GoPro. It is lightweight with 130g, flexible changed in 360 degree, it supports IP67 Waterproof Rating, Single Button Operation, Optimized Scene Algorithm, APP+Bluetooth Remote Control, Time-lapse Photography, and Wide Compatibility, its battery can support 2.5 hours working. Right now you can use coupon code: FYLYL030 , Valid Time: From today to 26 July to grab one at the lowest price, $246.99 from for more details.

Top 2 Feiyu G5

Feiyu G5 is also a waterproof gimbal, but it doesn’t have three axis, it is compatible with GoPro Hero5/4/3 and other action cameras of similar size. built in 22650 rechargeable li-ion battery(3.7V, 3000mAh), supporting up to 8 hours using. It is foldable , very convenient to carry, adopting Brushless Motor, Unibody Motor Arm, which is good for taking selfies. Please don’t forget to use the Coupon code: FYLL025  , valid Time: From today to 26 July at $199.99.

Top 3 Feiyu G4

Feiyu G4 Handheld Stabilizer Gimbal will help you take stabilized, free-floating shots with your GoPro Hero 4/3+/3 action camera. It has one-handed design, supporting different modes such as Pan Following Mode, Tilt and Pan Following Mode, All Axis Lock Mode, Inverted Mode, and Standby Mode. as for other features, it supports Synergy between Power and Accuracy, Single-Button Control, Wide Rotation Angles,  Extendable Handle, Ergonomic Design, etc. This solid and durable gimbal is in flash sale at $ 167.99.

Therefore, you can choose the gimbal according to your needs, if you just need a gimbal that helps you taking photos or videos steadily mainly, Feiyu G4 is a good one to have a try,  but if you want a foldable design, larger battery waterproof gimbal, try this Feiyu G5 with the coupon code: FYLL025  of course, those high-end users can try Feiyu Tech WG2 with coupon code: FYLYL030 . Join the extreme outdoor sports with a good gimbal to share your entertainment with others.


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