Top 4 Smartphones With Best Camera to Take Photos


Valentine’s Day is coming soon. If you don’t know what gift to prepare for your partner, you can consider giving them a new Smartphone. It is sincere and practical, and your partner will be very happy. Below are 4 smartphones that are worth buying. They meet the needs and the price is very affordable. It is very suitable for your partner. Let’s take a look.

The first model: The Honor 70

Reference price: $325 – 8GB+256GB.

Appearance design: Thin and light hyperboloid symmetrical design, weighing 178g, thin 7.91mm, the rear shell camera group adopts a double-mirror halo design, and there are four high-value colors in total.

Highlights of the phone: rear IMX800 triple main camera, good photo effect, high-definition eye protection screen, long battery life.

Honor 70 has a high sales volume and a good reputation. It focuses on good looks and taking pictures. It has a beautiful appearance. It has three rear cameras, a 50MP Sony IMX800 main camera, and a 50MP ultra-wide-angle lens + 2MP blur lens. Very outstanding.

This phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 778G plus processor, enough for daily use if you don’t play games, and the running software is still smooth. There is also a high-refresh OLED eye-protection screen. The battery life is 4800mAh + 66w fast charging. The comprehensive configuration is also good. The user experience is very good, the price is only in the early $300, and the 256GB large memory is very cost-effective to buy.

The second model: OPPO Reno 9

Reference price: $340 – 8GB+256GB.

Appearance design: 3D hyperboloid symmetrical design, weight 174g, thin 7.19mm, the rear shell camera group adopts a new cosmic star ring design, a total of four high-value colors.

Highlights of the phone: front and rear master-level portrait lenses, good selfies, high refresh rate screen, long-life version with super flash charging.

OPPO Reno 9 has four innovative color schemes, no matter which one you buy, it is very beautiful, the texture is good, and the image quality is very good. There is a super-sensitive cat-eye lens on the front, which is very good-looking for selfies. effective.

This phone is equipped with LPDDR5+UFS3.1 storage specifications, equipped with Snapdragon 778G processor, smooth daily use, and good power consumption performance, the screen also has a high refresh rate and high-frequency dimming, not only smooth but also eye-friendly, battery life On the one hand, there is a 4500mAh battery, and there is also a 67w long-life version of fast charging, which is fast and safe.

The third model: Vivo S16

Reference price: $400 – 8GB+256GB.

Appearance design: 3D slightly curved design, weight 182g, thin 7.36mm, the back shell adopts high-quality craftsmanship, and there are three high-value color schemes.

Highlights of the phone: high-quality appearance, excellent texture, double-sided soft light portrait, high-pixel lens, 120Hz 3D slightly curved screen.

The Vivo S16 is a new model. It is a mobile phone that I like very much. It has a very high appearance and a very good texture. The front is a 3D slightly curved screen that supports 120Hz, which is of high quality. There are double-sided soft lights for the image. , the photos are clear and bright, and the details of the photos are very good.

This phone is equipped with a Snapdragon 870 processor, with online performance, and can also play large-scale games. In terms of battery life, it has a 4600mAh battery + 66w fast charge, which is enough for daily use. It is a model worth buying.

The fourth model: the Huawei nova 10

Reference price: $405 – 8GB+256GB.

Appearance design: light and thin hyperboloid design, weight 168g, thin 6.88mm, the rear shell camera group adopt ring design + star shining technology, a total of four high-value color matching.

Highlights of the phone: high-resolution large-size OLED ring screen, front high-pixel wide-angle lens, and rear high-pixel RYYB super-sensing lens.

Huawei Nova 10 is also a good-looking model. The body is very thin and light, and the hands-on experience is good. The front is a 6.67-inch OLED ring screen, which is also of high quality. The front has a 60MP wide-angle main camera, and the selfie is very clear It can shoot videos very well, and the rear super-sensing main camera and the photo effect is also good.

This phone is equipped with the Hongmeng operating system, which is easy to operate and has high playability. It can also be operated with multi-terminal interconnection. Users who have Huawei equipment at home can consider it.

I have something to say

If you buy a mobile phone for your girlfriend as a gift, if you buy one that is too expensive, you may not be able to accept it. A price of more than $300 is more suitable and can highlight your heart. The above 4 Smartphones are very suitable and meet the needs of female friends. There are excellent photo effects.

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