Top 5 Latest Chinese Smartphone With Longest Battery Life 2016


There are various smartphones until now with nice quality, price and performance. So do you know top 5 Chinese smartphones with the longest battery life? As you know, it’s a big problem when we travel , and there is no place to charge our phone. The phone with long battery life plays very important role for our entertainment.

Top 1 VIVO X6S Plus Sailing Version


Vivo is well-known for us with exquisite design, and superior quality. Vivo X6S Plus sailing version uses 4,000mAh battery, it can be used normally in 3 days without charging. So it has strong battery life. We don’t have to take power bank when travelling.

Top 2 Meizu M3 Note


Meizu has released Meizu M3 note with very affordable price. It not only supports all Chinese network bands, but also it has 4,100mAh battery which makes the phone support longer working time, even under heavy use, it can be used in one day for playing large 3D games. However, it can reach two to three days for daily use. So it’s quite good for this kind of battery. But if it had supported quick charge, it would be perfect.

Top 3 Gionee M5 Plus


Gionee M5 Plus is famous for its long battery life. It has 5,000mAh battery. From the capacity of the battery, it is really durable. So the battery life will support up to 3 days for working.


Top 4 Huawei Mate 8

Huawe produced its phone with nice quality. But it’s a little expensive for the high-end smartphones, such as Huawei Mate 8 over $500. This large screen smartphone uses 4,000mAh battery. But it didn’t support dual engine quick charge technology.

Top 5 Xiaomi MI5


Xiaomi MI5 didn’t have advantages in its battery life. Because it only has 3,000mAh battery which is less than 1000mAh battery than Vivo X6S Plus sailing version. Although it has obvious gap in this aspect, Xiaomi mi5 3,000mAh battery still is stronger than a  large number of smartphones.In daily normal use, it can support 2 day working time.

Therefore, VIVO X6S Plus Sailing Version has got the first rank in the top 5 longest battery of a smartphone in 2016. You will never image this kind of result. But for others, they all perform well in its battery. So which phone do you use it now?


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